Voter registration closes Tuesday evening

Katharine DeRosa, Contributing Writer

Voter registration for the upcoming elections ends on Tuesday, and here’s everything you need to know to be ready to vote on November 5th.

There are nine election districts in Richmond: 

  • 1st District — West End
  • 2nd District — North Central
  • 3rd District — Northside 
  • 4th District — Southwest 
  • 5th District — Central 
  • 6th District — Gateway 
  • 7th District — East End
  • 8th District — Southside
  • 9th District — South Central
Infographic by Jeffrey Pohanka

You can find which district you live in and your closest polling location at

There are three upcoming elections, and specifically one election with multiple people running for one position.

Seven people are vying for the 5th district city council seat, located along the James River between Main and Hull streets. The candidates are all running as independents and include: 

  • VCU political science graduate Nicholas Da Silva
  • Social worker Stephanie Lynch
  • Business development manager Jer’Mykeal McCoy 
  • Rev. Robin Mines
  • Former councilman Chuck Richardson
  • Richmond Public Schools teacher Mamie Taylor
  • University of Richmond professor Thad Williamson

Students living in the 5th district will have the opportunity to cast a ballot for this race.

Those who still need to register to vote can do so online at or in person at the Office of General Registrar located at 900 E Broad St.

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