Shaun Jackson says farewell

Illustration by Steck Von.

Shaun Jackson, Staff Columnist 

Anyone who has been around The CT or the SMC as a whole can tell you that I have been here for a minute. Three years ago, my best friend and executive editor at the time Sarah King came to me with a proposal to turn my two-hour advice show that was airing on WVCW, but being retired, into an advice column. Thankfully, I said yes and have not looked back since.

I’m not really sure of the nature of these things, so I’m just gonna try to say thank you without crying over my keyboard.

Zachary, thank you for always putting up with my histrionics and loving me unconditionally in lieu of my flaws. To my former opinion editors, Caitlin: Thank you for helping me get An Ode To Self Care to being the best it can be, you are a goddess among mortals and I love you. Katie Bashista, thank you for always being meticulous with your section and being you, you are the original Cool Girl. Brianna! Thank you for being unapologetically Black, Queer and living and practicing Self-Care. You made me feel as though I can truly live through my work, and while our time together has been short, but I wouldn’t change a second of it.

Fadel, you’re the funniest man I have ever met and probable the best journalist. Georgia, you were handed a lot, all at once, and you executed everything flawlessly, the world is absolutely not ready for you. Ryan, you are my favorite person on this planet, excruciatingly good at what you do and hilarious as hell you, and the design den folk are everything to me!!!

Gregory Weatherford, Lauren Katchuk, Mark Jeffries, Jacob McFadden and Allison Bennet-Dyche, thank you for teaching me how to behave and being a parent, mentor and friend whenever I needed one. And finally, Sarah King, the fiercest warrior I know and my best friend, I would not be here if it weren’t for you, and I love you until the end of time. Thank you all so much for reading, submitting and being here with me on this incredible journey.

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  1. So many hugs! We are all so proud of you. Go forth and share with the world the wonderfulness that is you!


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