Landon’s Outlook: “Fighting With My Family” packs punches of sincere humor

Illustration by Steck Von

Landon Roberts, Contributing Writer

The outrageous and maniacal characters fabricated in World Wrestling Entertainment provide some interesting plotlines, but nothing compares to the real lives of the people in the ring. “Fighting With My Family” tells the inspiring story of a professional fighter, with hilarious presentation and a heartwarming execution.

The story follows Saraya Knight’s rise to stardom as a professional wrestler while her brother Zak Knight must come to terms with the fact that he will never achieve his WWE dream.

Although the film has all the characteristics of a typical biopic, the chemistry between the actors lends to a wild ride filled with laughs and tears.

The acting is best in the scenes between Florence Pugh’s Saraya and Jack Lowden’s Zak. The playful banter between them feels improvisational, and the film’s emotional scenes highlight their layered performances.

“Fighting With My Family” shows jealousy driven by ambition. Zak craves the attention WWE gives his sister.

Lowden casts hopeless stares as the film progresses, and his character’s isolation is incredibly palpable. Zak’s hopeful personality in the beginning of the film feels like a relic by the end.

Her character’s origin is dissected in a meaningful way. Her love for the sport and how it is turned upside down once she enters the professional league makes her achievements feel bittersweet. By interacting with other wrestlers, she gains insight into the inner workings of the industry and the looming sexism that haunts its programs and viewers.

“Fighting With My Family” not only offers insight on the inner workings of the WWE — it also injects humor into the complexity of a family infected by jealousy.

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