Ram in Action: Sydnei Archie

Sophomore forward Sydnei Archie scored a career-high 15 points in the season opening win at William & Mary. Photo by Shayla Bailey

During her first season as a Ram, forward Sydnei Archie started 12 of the 28 games she played — this year the sophomore has started in all eight games so far. The change has paid dividends, as in the season opener against William & Mary, Archie scored a career-high 15 points.

Archie and Women’s Basketball are off to good start, with a record of 5-2. The CT sat down with Archie to discuss the team and her interests off the court.

Why VCU?

My father Torrance Archie played here at VCU, my high school coach also played here and I wanted to stay close to my family and those I love.

What’s been the key to early season success?

Me and my teammates want to win. We were young last year, so this year we know what to expect and the hard work from the offseason is paying off.

Would you consider yourself a leader on the team?

I do consider myself a leader on this team. I mostly lead vocally by bringing a lot of energy to practice and just leading by example. Also, I would say that I help the two freshman on our team the most.

Why the number 22?

I wear number 22 because that was my dad’s number when he played here, and I try to be like him in any way possible.

What are some of your interests outside of basketball?

I’m really into social justice issues. Primarily, focused on the socioeconomic status of people. In addition, I read all the time and like watching a good movie. If I had to give my top two favorite movies it would be “Glory Road” and “The Matrix.” And realistic fiction would be my favorite movie genre.

What is your dream?

I would say being a physical therapist is a dream because I dealt with a lot of injuries in high school. When I went through physical therapy, I felt that the physical therapists were the smartest people I’ve ever meet.

What has being inserted into the starting lineup done for your confidence and overall game?

My confidence has definitely increased. I just want to solidify my role on this team, and contribute to us winning.

Is it difficult being an athlete during the holidays?

We don’t really have a break. Like for Thanksgiving, we were in a tournament in Texas. Sadly, I didn’t even spend Thanksgiving with my family.

How far can this team go?

I truly believe we can win the [Atlantic 10] Championship. Last year, we had the talent but not the experience, but this year we have the talent, experience and the will to win. I really think we’re going to do big things.

What are some team goals and your goals for the season?

Personally, I want to improve during the season and not wait for the offseason. One goal as a team we constantly repeat is remaining tough and avoid playing down to our competition.

What is coach Beth O’Boyle like?

She is different to me, because before coming here I had never played for a female coach. She knows the game well and she uses that knowledge to tell us how to get better.

Nile McNair Contributing Writer

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