Three ways for students to enter basketball games

Illustration by Steck Von.

Daniel Purer 
Contributing Writer

Rowdy Rams:

The VCU Athletics Student Section offers a ticket package for students and avid fans. For $35, students can get access to every home basketball game when they claim their ticket along with a T-shirt, discounts around campus and the potential of attending away games and the Atlantic 10 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Two important points to remember: you must claim your ticket about a week before the intended game and you must use that ticket in order to keep getting tickets. After two instances of not using your claimed tickets, you will no longer be able to claim them. Lastly, the A-10 Tournament is not free but everything is set up for you — including transportation and lodging — and it is a decent price.

Overall, Rowdy Rams is the most reliable and guaranteed way to see every basketball game at the Siegel Center.



If you happen to find yourself with nothing to do and VCU is hosting an exhibition game or a lesser-known opponent, you might be able to snag yourself a standby ticket. Simply line up beside the Siegel Center long before the game starts — or about two hours for big games — with your student ID and you have a chance of getting a ticket.

Obviously, this option does not guarantee entry.


Online Tickets:

Student or not, there is always the option of heading to VCU Athletics and buying a single game ticket or heading to StubHub, Ticketmaster or Craigslist to find tickets being sold. It will most likely not be the most wallet-friendly option, but if you really want a ticket — or to sit outside of general admission — this is your chance.


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