New program at VCU targets international students

Photo by Ben Rivelis
Photo by Ben Rivelis

Navitas, a global education company with more than 120 associated colleges, recently announced a partnership with VCU to create the Global Student Success program — a move intended to make the university a more ideal destination for international study.

“VCU was chosen because of its academic reputation, diverse student body, size and location.” said Ian Day, Navitas spokesperson.

Day said enrollment will begin fall 2018. The program will include courses designed specifically for international students, which will be included in the university core requirements and courses will include language support for English Language Learner students if necessary.

VCU has 1,452 international students from 101 countries across the globe. China, India, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have the most students here.

The program is expected to bring in more international students along with global education programs, like Globe.

“We are able to meet universities where they are on the internationalization spectrum, taking into consideration existing programs,” Day said.

Anya Sczerzenie, Contributing Writer

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