Richmond introduces new bike share program

Photo by Erin Edgerton.

The RVA Bike Share program debuted on August 29th at the Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond. 

Photo by Erin Edgerton.

The $1.34 million program was primarily funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program.

Chris King, marketing director of the Bewegen Technologies, said the company will supply the bikes and docking stations for the public bike share system.

“It’s the last mile solution. There are buses, there are cars to park, but there’s always that last mile to get to work,”said King. “That’s where bike share comes in.”

The program includes 220 eight-speed bikes and 20 docking stations located around the city. The high-tech bikes are equipped with lights, adjustable seats and a GPS that can be unlocked through a mobile app. Riders can take a bike from any station and return it to any convenient station.

To access the bikes, people can either pay through an app, website or a pay station located around the city.

There are plans for expansion according to King. He said the program is planning to double the number of the bikes including the introduction of electric bikes to make it easier to travel uphill.

The equipment is managed by Corps Logistics — a Baltimore based business owned and operated by military veterans. Jim Duffney, it’s CEO, hopes the program will create jobs for veterans, especially those at risk of housing insecurity in the Richmond area.

“I’ve hired one veteran so far — his name is Henry Williams and he’s a great man,” Duffney Said. “He was homeless for six years and we’re looking out for him now.”

RVA Bike Share is available at any time of the day with a time limit of 45 minutes and costs $1.75. If riders are interested in long-term memberships, the prices vary from $18 per month to $96 for a year.

Jasmine Stith 

Contributing Writer

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