LTE: Wade in the Waters

Dear editor,

I’m writing to you because I can’t help but feel betrayed. I’ve been a fan of the VCU’s notorious basketball team for more than 10 years. I’ve seen the backs of three coaches now. There was Anthony Grant, there was Shaka Smart and then there was Will Wade. All left under similar circumstances: wooed by promises of bright lights, shiny gold, and of course, heavy green.

But this one’s different.

Now, of course I could just sit here and give you a letter just slamming this guy, calling him selfish, irresponsible and snarky… so I will.

That he left is bad enough, but I’ll get to that later. What really bothered me is how he left. Say what you want about news leaks and the speed that information spreads these days with social media, but there is no circumstance in which it is EVER okay for players to find out about their head coach’s departure in the same manner as the fans.

Whatever shred of dignity Mr. Wade had remaining at the bottom of the barrel of his heart disappeared when he left without addressing his players first. (If those reports are to be believed.) At least the father who “went out for milk” 10 years ago and never returned had enough decorum to lie to your face about it beforehand.

And you didn’t wanna thank the fans either Mr. Wade? After we glorified and exalted your name, what did you leave us with other than a stab in the back and a slap in the face?

Now onto the fact that he did leave. The fact that Mr. Wade saw it fit for his legacy to dump a 7-time NCAA Championship attendee for a Louisiana State program that has only made the tournament once in that time is categorically insulting.

Was it LSU’s whopping two in-conference wins that attracted you Mr. Wade? What was it Mr. Wade, did they impress you when you personally oversaw the VCU team that handed them one of their many fat L’s of the season? I presume those factors didn’t help.

As Nelly would say, it must be the money.

You couldn’t have stayed Will Wade? How much were you paid Will Wade? Why were you swayed Will Wade? Why did you trade Will Wade?

All these questions remain, but Ram fans I can tell you one thing: Will Wade will fade, but VCU will pervade.

We may have lost our second coach in two years, but I’m assuaged by the fact that we were able to replace him within 24 hours. Maybe it says something about the program we have going on here that Mike Rhoades was presented to the press and fans as VCU’s new head coach before Will Wade was as LSU’s.

It’s a testament to the culture of VCU basketball, where the head coaching position is a high honor and every occupant is but a passenger.


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