An ode to self care

Illustration by Gareth Bentall
Illustration by Gareth Bentall
Illustration by Gareth Bentall

I hate Kanye West.
Yeah, that’s wasted energy. Consider ignoring Kanye and hating celebrity culture and wealth inequality instead.

Can you help me articulate why I feel blinding anger when, after doing something unprofessional and shitty, my boss apologizes and says, “Are we cool?” and if I don’t say “Yes,” he pouts? What is the exact phrase for the manipulative BS he is pulling?
He’s not apologizing. He’s trying excuse himself, and he’s demanding your complicity. Real apologies don’t come with emotional strings attached.

Should I buy a bag that cost two months of my rent? I saved up for it and it’s my 25th birthday, but it seems wrong.
I would say to hold on to your money for now. Maybe knowing that you *could* own the bag brings you more joy than actually owning it. Maybe it goes on sale and maybe you treat yourself, or maybe you spend the money in some other way that finally feels right. Whatever you end up doing, happy birthday!

Is Donald Trump as terrifying as he seems?
Nah, Trump is a clown. It’s the people who voted for him that are terrifying.

True or false: If you truly love someone, being faithful is easy.
False. If you truly have integrity, being faithful is easy. Do not confuse love and integrity. Love is just an emotional state, and regardless of how deeply or intensely it may be felt, it’s still not a measure of the content of your character.

Self-respect is important. But to what extent is it important to gain respect from others? Should I care? I don’t mean to sound shitty. I say this because I knew this girl who I always wanted to gain respect from. Her opinion mattered to me, I’m starting to wonder why it did and whether it should have.
You didn’t want that girl’s respect. You wanted her approval. (Not understanding the difference is why you never had her respect.)


Shaun Jackson, Staff Columnist


Gareth Bentall. Photo by Julie TrippGareth Bentall
Gareth is a cartoonist and illustrator currently in his senior year as a communication arts student. He specializes in political cartoons, humorous illustration, underground comic trivia, bird watching, hoarding, forwarding, boogie boarding and Parcheesi. Gareth currently resides inside of his inkpot. Last year, Gareth won the National Society of Professional Journalists award for Editorial Cartooning.
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