Staff Editorial: Thank you, President Obama

Illustration by Skye Ali
Illustration by Skye Ali
Illustration by Skye Ali

Ellie: Obama, I am endlessly thankful to have come of age with a man as poised, intelligent and sincere as yourself in the oval office. Thank you for an inspiring eight years, you have left your successor with enormous shoes to fill.

Ashley: Thank you so much for being an inspiration to so many people of color. For showing how powerful representation is, and for caring so much for the future.

Desiree: Thank you for showing us that empathy has a place in the White House. You have shown us what kind of strength, respect, and kindness it takes to be the better person in every situation.

Zach: Dear Obamas, I thank you for your tireless and steadfast commitment to maintaining flawless decorum. You received much more than your fair share of criticism while living in the White House, an met every shot taken at you with humility, patience and a willingness to accept competing points of view. In today’s political climate, your electorate appreciates this more than ever.

Sophia: Thank you, Obama family, for eight years of relentless passion, diligence and class. Growing up in the Obama era has been an unexplainable privilege I am immensely thankful for. Your work over the years inspired the next generation to love, advocate and teach. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

SButler: You and Michelle are such excellent role models and examples of what true compassion looks like. Thank you for all your hard work to make our country a safe and beautiful place to live.

Eric: Thank you for inspiring and teaching the younger generations of their large part in shaping the future.

Shaun: The Obamas deserve nothing but my thanks. Thank you for letting my grandparents see that their fight which continues into our era, was not all for naught. Thank you for giving us hope in dark and turbulent times, and showing us that the power truly lies with the people, and all we need is hope and love in order to galvanize change.

Sriteja Yedhara: Thank you for showing us that love is love and that color is not a measure of worth. Thank you for teaching our girls that their minds are extraordinary and their thoughts are valid.

Rachel: Thank you for having a kind face and a clear voice–for being smart and capable and making us proud.

Hiba: Mr. President, from the bottom of my heart thank you. The grace and honor you carried your administration with is something I will continue to admire throughout my young adult life. Thanks for reminding me; a young, Muslim woman born to a pair of Pakistani immigrants that no dream or goal is too far out of reach. May Allah protect you and your family.

Siona Peterous: I don’t agree with everything you did but I never doubted that you had the best of  intentions. Your national presence inspired me from high school through college and your presidency will be a  reminder that my  voice always matters, no matter what anyone does to try and stifle it



Skye LimSkye Ali
Skye is a senior majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in Psychology. She is passionate about illustration and finding creative spaces to have open discussions about mental illness. A fervent animal lover, she would probably be a herpetologist in another life.
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