A charged up Noah-O sees new bounds “The Rain”

Local RVA rapper Noah-O will be releasing his third studio album, “The Rain,” on Thanksgiving Day this week.the-rain-cover-web

Thematically centered around its title, Noah-O said the album reflects growth as an artist and a man.

With his candid and introspective lyrics, Noah-O’s said his music has been therapeutic, rapping about his life struggles and successes. With this album, he said he decided to take it a step further and tackle societal issues.

Noah-O described the album as the second-phase of a three-part conundrum, in which this is the part of the world having to deal with its issues and problems head on.

“I would consider myself a conscious rapper,” Noah-O said. “It’s all about how you interpret the term.”

Pulling from personal experiences and tribulations, Noah-O’s music is a mix of both autobiography and storytelling. Growing up in the inner city, he said it wasn’t always easy for his family, especially during the 80’s drug era.

“I have a unique story,” Noah-O said. “It’s authentic so I think people can relate because of it.”

Originally from San Francisco, Noah-O relocated to Richmond in the ‘90s and has been pursuing a career in rap since. Becoming a constant fixture in the Richmond rap scene, Noah-O said he built relationships with area legends DJ Lonnie B & rapper Mad Skillz decades ago. Noah-O believes his age and longevity set him apart from most of the areas rappers.

With so much knowledge and wisdom in the game, Noah-O said he also embraces the new up-and-coming MCs in the area, supporting the new and rebellious generation.

“The thing I bring that others don’t is consistency,” Noah-O said. “I’ve been doing this for a while and have dedicated my life to it.”

Unlike other genres, Noah-O said hip-hop has never embraced nor celebrated age in the culture. However, Noah hopes to reverse this notion as his career continues to evolve.

Noah-O said with this project, he reintroduces himself revamped and refreshed. With a new manager, he said the album’s roll out features some cool ideas and opportunities for his fans, including pop stores, album merchandise and vinyl copies of “The Rain,” which will be available next year. He said there will also be a music video for each song on the album.

Inspired by West Coast gangsta rap, Nas, JAY Z, Gang Starr and more, Noah-O said he grew up during Rap’s Golden Era and has been rapping for more than two decades. With his project, he said he proves that he’s as sharp as he’s ever been.

In addition to the album roll out, Noah-O also has his sights set on touring, nationally and internationally next year.

“I definitely wanna hit overseas, especially Europe,” Noah-O said. “I need to touch the people with this album.”

“The Rain” releases on iTunes Nov. 24.


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