Richmond lo-fi artist Dazeases releases first album “C R U M B S”

Album art by Emily Haislip

Richmond-based artist London Perry as Dazeases released her first full-length album “C R U M B S,” an exploration into patterns of emotional turmoil and romantic fallout through lo-fi pop.

Album art by Emily Haislip
Album art by Emily Haislip

(C R U M B S) is definitely an evolution, a finer articulation of what I first started writing about in 2014,” Dazeases stated.

According to Dazeases, “C R U M B S” is an emotional study of parting with a former lover and an exploration of her own construction of self-worth.

“For a long time I didn’t have a solid sense of self-worth,” Dazeases stated. “(I) let people into my life partially out of self-destruction and partially to take what I could get. I wouldn’t walk away and ultimately broke myself bending for other people.”

Since beginning to work on “C R U M B S,” Dazeases said she has since begun to incorporate increased feelings of anger into her music, whereas in her past EPs she has explored her sadness and disappointment with emotional attachment.

“I’m proud that I expressed anger on this album,” Dazeases stated. “If anything I see my anger as a sign of personal and artistic progression.”

“C R U M B S” is a collection of seven songs, which Dazeases said are composites of old songs, pieces she had until now only performed live, and entirely new content.

Dazeases said this project represents her growth in both production and composition, and places particular focus on honest expression. She said she’s uninterested in pretending she’s okay, or that she’s forgotten personal mistakes and past wrongs inflicted on her by emotional and sexual partners.

“This album, melodically and lyrically, most accurately represents me as an artist,” Dazeases stated. “I want to use this as a calling card, for people to be able to understand what I’m really about.

Listen to “C R U M B S” on Bandcamp.


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