Sam’s Take: top horror movies for Halloween

Illustration by Skye Ali

With Halloween night unfortunately falling on a Monday, many students will have gotten their costumes and parties out of the way come Sunday. In fact, you may still be recovering while reading this.

But, if you feel up for some more horror, I’m here to recommend some movies that will keep you up at night. For those who can’t sit through jump-scares or bloodshed, there are still plenty of films to get you into the spooky mood.

For the Faint of Heart:

The Thing (1982)- This cult horror film from genre master John Carpenter is full of creative gore and suspenseful moments. “The Thing” is simply a damn good movie, mixing great characters and dialogue with the horror.

Attack the Block (2011)- While a horror film in name only, “Attack the Block” is a fun and unique take on the alien invasion movie. Mixing “The Goonies,” “Alien” and British youth culture, the film is full of exciting action, memorable characters, and a great electronic soundtrack.

Laugh So You Don’t Scream:

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)- An expertly made subversion of the killer redneck trope of many slasher flicks, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” never lets up on the laughs. By making the rednecks into lovable oafs and the teens into cynical idiots, the film uses the concept to its fullest potential.

The Evil Dead Trilogy (1981-1992)- If the Three Stooges decided to make horror movies, they would make the Evil Dead films. Part demon gore-fest, part slapstick comedy, these Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell collaborations are some of the best in the genre and are a blast to watch unfold.

Nightmare Fuel:

Don’t Look Now (1973)- You may not be shaking with fear while watching “Don’t Look Now,” but the film’s claustrophobic and tense atmosphere will stick with you for weeks after. Strange and unnerving, Nicholas Roeg’s slow moving film will never feel quite right until the end, living up to its title by not allowing you to trust anything you’re seeing on screen.

Sinister (2012)- As one of the best horror movies to come out in the past decade, the images and atmosphere of “Sinister” will make you terrified to stay in a dark home by yourself. It also aims to scare with disturbing images rather than tired jumpscares, creating an endlessly effective film.

Fear of the Bizarre:

House (1977)– Nothing can prepare you for the Japanese fever dream that is “House.” A mixture of supernatural horror, kung-fu action, goofy comedy, and special-effect exploitation, it’s impossible to comprehend. But, if you can lose yourself to the madness, you’ll never forget your experience with “House.”

Videodrome (1983)- Half commentary on the invasion of violent media in society, half showcase of unforgettable practical effects body horror, “Videodrome” is a indescribable rollercoaster of emotions. It’s weird, intelligent, and just plain gross, but the end, you’ll agree that it is fantastic.

And to end the list, we have the most Halloween-y movie ever made “Trick R’ Treat.” This horror anthology is the R-rated version of Goosebumps you never knew you wanted, and it’s atmosphere makes its impossible not to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Samuel Goodrich, Staff Writer

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