Catholic Campus Ministries present: Fractured Fairy Tales Haunted House

VCU’s Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM) hosted its third annual charity hauimg_9522nted house on Oct. 28. Attendees were asked to bring a canned good or $1 in exchange for admission.

All of the proceeds from the event, funds and goods alike, were donated to Ram Pantry, a group that provides food for VCU students facing food insecurity.

“As college students we’re already paying a ton of money just to be here, a lot of students don’t have the basic necessities that they need. Ram Pantry serves as that, it’s open to students and it doesn’t cost anything,” CCM President Ashleigh Ebreneyin said. “We’re just giving what we can to supply [Ram Pantry’s] needs.”

Ebreneyin explained that in addition to serving as a charity fundraiser, the haunted house provides a way for CCM to connect with the student body.

“We started the haunted house as sort of a way to get more students involved with CCM just because a lot of people have the general misconception, like ‘Catholics, oh my gosh, you guys do this sort of stuff?’’ Ebreneyin said

In the planning phase, blueprints were created in order to specify the layout of the haunted house, which spanned the entirety of CCM’s three-story building. Each room had a designated theme, such as “Rapunzel’s Castle” and the “Mad Hatter’s Rabbit Hole.”

Following the conclusion of the haunted house, a bonfire was held in the courtyard for s’mores and community engagement with CCM members.

Georgia Geen, Contributing Writer

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