Letter to the Editor: AOPi’s Diversity Issue

Illustration by Ellen Geiselman
Illustration by Ellen Geiselman
Illustration by Ellen Geiselman

Dear Editor,

Growing up as an African-American, there were always a lot of people who looked like me, but not in my classes. I was always searching for a way to fit in beyond the typical label of being an “Oreo.” Aside from my family, I wasn’t around many Black kids growing up; consequently, I learned to hide aspects of myself and my heritage, and to believe the glossed-over, sugarcoated textbook narratives supposedly teaching the history of my people.

Coming to VCU, a PWI (predominantly white institution) where 51 percent of students are Caucasian and 16 percent are African-American, I could often count on one hand the number of students in my classes who looked like me. Because we come from a background comprised of fewer advantages than people of lighter skin, I think it is important for Black students to see each other succeed, grow and recognize it is okay to celebrate who we are.

I never desired being lumped into any group of people, so I made the decision not to join a historically Black sorority and instead rushed with one of the chapters in the Panhellenic Council. I joined my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, in fall 2015 with the understanding it was predominantly white. VCU is a fairly progressive school and I expected a certain amount of acceptance —  if not, at least, some level of open-mindedness. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

At first, I found the group of women in AOPi to be very loving and accepting, but I eventually began to notice micro-aggressions here and there, but nothing that was quite enough to make me want to leave. Our chapter has always been very “hush, hush” when it comes to these topics to avoid truly addressing the persisting problems by either denying the issue or agreeing it is not important.

This was extremely hurtful to me, especially since diversity was something my chapter frequently advertised — making me feel like a tokenized individual within our group. My chapter has always been adamant about respecting each others’ opinions, especially on social media, so I personally never took the time to explain why these things were offensive to me.

I have seen sisters post statuses on their Facebook accounts ranging from memes mocking the Black Lives Matter movement to Tomi Lahren videos, to articles about using Colin Kaepernick’s jersey as a doormat. Although I personally find these things extremely offensive, I thought there was an understanding that we each have a right to expression and our own opinions, and that these opinions would be respected.

But all this changed when I decided to post a Facebook status of my own, making a strong statement about the American flag in response to the article about using Kaepernick’s jersey as a doormat: “TBH if I had an American flag, I’d use it as a doormat.” Twenty minutes later — chaos.

It started with a few comments here and there on the status.

I was called “ungrateful” and “disrespectful.” I was told I am “lucky that I live in a country where I can post this sh*t.” I was told I was disrespecting our soldiers — that I should be grateful for what this country has given me. I was threatened. All from women I was supposed to be able to call my sisters. I had active sisters and alumnae adding me on Facebook just to tell me how ungrateful I was; to tell me they know the history of my people better than I do; to tell me there is no such thing as “my people.”

If these girls took the time to try and understand what it is like to grow up in a country that sugar coats an entire historical narrative; to have your classmates constantly make jokes about you because you’re the only Black person in class; to be consistently told racism ended long ago when my mother went to a segregated school, or now, when innocent people are being gunned down on American soil by facets of the state who are sworn to serve and protect all people — this situation may not have escalated to the point it did.

I understand it’s hard for people who have seen the world one way their entire lives to stop and think for a moment what it’s like to be someone else … to think about what it is like being told to respect a flag that was also flown, not even a lifetime ago, when my people were being lynched, torn apart and taken home as souvenirs. Undoubtedly, these conversations are necessary not just for my chapter but for all of Greek life, the university even — about how we can collectively make the college experience better for people of color.

I can only hope VCU’s chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi will grow into a more accepting group of women and learn what it truly means to celebrate diversity. It is sad, and extremely hurtful, that an organization that claims to celebrate diversity would have so many women who are closed-minded and uneducated about the disadvantages all around them, but do not affect them.

Heart-breakingly, I have decided to leave my chapter because I no longer feel safe within a group of women that should have made me feel empowered and strong, regardless of my race. This continues to pain me, but I find strength in knowing I can sit and share this with you. It deserves to be known that this treatment is not okay. And I deserve to be able to say I was hurt and, no matter what, I have no regrets for standing up for myself, my history and my heritage. And that is something they can never take away from me.

Symora Thomas, Senior


  1. It took a lot of strength to write this and ask for public eyes on it. Great message. Sororities aren’t perfect, but they are supposed to be your family and it sounds like AOPi has failed you at that. I hope your experience at VCU is good despite not being in Greek Life anymore, because overall it is a fantastic institution with open minded people. You will find your people.

  2. This is an important story to share. I thank you along with other young women and men who face this type of treatment within greek and non-greek organizations. People of color, especially Black people are growing our collective consciousness and this documentation of your story is an important piece of an even larger story. Bless.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience – you are so brave for standing up for what you believe and speaking out about these toxic organizations. You have people you don’t even know who are behind you! Screw your fake & racist sisters.

  4. Do your research before you believe everything you read. Maybe ask some of the other POCs in AOII, maybe this isn’t a race issue and more of a just her issue.

  5. if you really did want these women to learn to be more accepting then you should have directly talked to those making you feel this way. you fix a problem by being an adult and talking to the specific person posting these “mocking memes” and stuff, not by hiding and runnign to a public platform. you could have actually educated the girls offending you by tlaking to them instead of doing it this way. the person who did this might not even read it so what do you get out of it?

  6. hi. im not putting my real name on this comment because i am friends with you symora. i am not a sister but i am friends with you and don’t feel like its worth it to put my real name. I saw the replies from your sisters on your fb page. they werent rude or mean, they simply replied to your opinion like you replied to theirs. you have also hypocritically posted a good amount of stuff on facebook with “white people” or “when white people” as a title or comment. in this article you branded all the girls, and that wasn’t fair. you said you would stomp on the american flag, and maybe to you it is just a cloth with colors, but for those who have relatives fighting for us day and night and practically living in fear of being bombed or killed at any moment you hurt them.

    • Please tell me, Id rather you tell me who you are so I don’t have to worry about being friends with you anymore, anywhere.

      1. As i have stated before YES i have posted stuff about white people like “White people, no one is asking you to feel sorry for what your ancestors did, we are asking you to help dismantle the systematic racism they have put in place.” or “Explaining white privilege to my white friends.” Etc. I never posting anything to the degree of blaming white people.

      2. I have family in the military too, close family, but people need to realize the flag “representing the military” is an opinion, because the flag is a symbol. Meaning it’s representation is fluid.

      3. If you seriously don’t think any of the comments were mean, or even rude, we have a serious problem considering the fact that they were told to delete 70+ comments. If they weren’t mean or rude, why did they delete them? Or have you not seen those? Probably because they deleted them?

      4. The problem is not that they disagreed with me, it’s the fact that they chose to gang up on me- to the scale that they did, and not on sisters who post equally offensive things against the black community. I could care less that they disagreed.

  7. you should have included screenshots of the memes that were so “mocking” and proof. back your story up. this is hard to believe since alpha omicron pi is one of the most diverse sororities on campus. just look up the vcu chapter of aoii’s pictures and you will see how diverse they are. ask any of them and you’ll see how happy they are and are proud to wear their letters. they should be proud. they are amazing women

    • Sure you can say that while being anonymous but remember that many of us have heard and SEEN what AOII did. We saw AOII attack Symora for standing up to AOII after they treated her like she was garbage. The only thing that is a disgrace is how AOII treated her and then how they responded to being called out for it. They need to grow up, stop trying to play the victim and own what they and their sorority did. Otherwise AOII needs to collectively sit down, shut up and open their eyes. Unlike you (most like an AOII member) desperately trying to save your precious yet ignorant sorority’s image. I will be post with my full real name. You can keep hiding.

  8. I also read the thread in which you are referring too. Everyone is entitled to an opinion as you stated in your letter, similarly to how the women who responded to your several negative posts are entitled to theirs. You continued to be rude when people were asking you to be respectful. It is absolutely disrespectful to generalize the entire AOII chapter into this. When you point a finger at someone else, three point right back at you. Please take a look at your actions before you point fingers because this entire letter is one sided and made out to make an extremely inviting and diverse chapter into something it is not.

  9. Good for you for speaking up. I’m wondering why the people commenting negatively on this article are all anonymous? They want proof and are telling you you should’ve gone up to your sorority sisters and had a face to face with them but they don’t want you to know who they are… interesting. I’ve been in your shoes a little, playing softball my whole childhood and teenage years I was almost always the only person of color on the team and shared similar experiences and felt uncomfortable and out of place at times. Regardless of the topic being discussed, it’s always good to speak up, no matter what platform. That’s why we have so many forms of communication today, you shouldn’t be put down because of what form you use, just because other people feel like they’re being called out.

  10. In order to effectively handle a situation such as yours, it is in everyone’s best interest to directly have a conversation with those you are at odds with. Each party involved is entitled to express their opinions; however, it is important that each person understands where the other party is coming from. If you expect someone to understand how your background has shaped your thinking and mindset, you should equally be willing to understand another individual’s background. It’s always a two-way street. In this case, it seems that a direct conversation between the parties did not occur; instead, you quickly jumped to play victim to what occurred. It’s important to realize those who have never been in your shoes will never understand what you go through. If you are looking for people who have a similar mindset as you, it may be more fitting for you to consider joining an organization in one of the other greek councils- such as MGC or NPC. Unfortunately, not everyone finds their niche right away. I hope you find yours. Lastly, a general rule in life is that hostility is never the answer. Treating people with love and educating them is what will accomplish your desired outcome. Work to bridge the divide, not exacerbate it. Remember Michelle Obama’s words, “When they go low, we go high.”

  11. I’m not a member of this soriety or any soriety, but I did see the Facebook comments go back and forth. While many had there opinion, such as yourself you forgot to mention that you also said “f america” and something like let the privileged white girls start crying now. While you may feel your article was a way for you to express yourself, it’s not all the facts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone will agree. That is one of the great things about America. —best of luck.

  12. I’m proud of you for speaking out but the example you used about the using the flag as a doormat is your our own opinion but you have to keep in mind all the children of military men and women who sacrifice their lives. I have meet these AOII women and they are the most diverse sorority on vcu campus. You can’t tell me you haven’t been affected by these women in a positive way. They are so welcoming to everyone. But I do understand with all the racial issues around the world but before you point fingers at a group of diverse women. You need to realize your status was extremely offensive to any American.

  13. Symora,
    You are entitled to your opinion and I am so pleased that you decided to share this and bring awareness to the “diversity” that VCU has to offer. Maybe this blog will make the girls of AOPi self reflect on their actions and their white privilege. Do not let these nasty comments discourage you because no one knows how it felt to be Black in a predominantly white organization. Continue spreading awareness, I support you.

  14. As an unaffiliated bystander who watched what occurred on your Facebook feed,
    1. Facebook is not the place to argue with people. When you look for employment or further graduate studies, people do check social media platforms. Keep it civilized. Express your thoughts in better ways. If you experience or see inequality/racism, ACTIVELY do something to change it. Writing about your wrath against an organization in a school newspaper is a form of passive aggression. Talk to the people who upset you, not chastise an entire organization. EDUCATE.

    2. If you are going to post something as controversial as your social media posts, expect lash back. Expect people to disagree and provide opinions that will be different from yours. That is the TRUE form of embracing diversity.

    3. You live in the United States of America. Yes, the United States of America has a dark history. Yes, people were treated in inhumane ways. Yes, racism still does exist and people of all ethnicities experience it everyday. But don’t forget this country has come a LONG way from those days. The Civil Rights movement was allowed to happen. People of color were given the right to vote. In fact, we have a black president. That should remind you how much progress has been made everyday! Ask anyone 100 years ago if that would ever happen? It would have been unimaginable. These rights have been fought well and hard for, but remember to be thankful for the country you live in. You have soldiers who protect this land, access to water and food, a roof above your head, and most importantly the freedom to express your opinion as openly as possible. There are still countries in this world, where posts such as yours would send you to jail or worse. Appreciate your freedom of expression, because millions of people in the other half don’t have your luxuries.

    • I completely agree with this comment. When you post something such as “Fuck America” then you should expect that there will be other people with opposing opinions. It does not sound like you were “attacked,” it sounds like people had strong opinions in opposition of you post and you did not like that they were expressed. How about you use all of your negative energy and turn it into something positive. Instead of taking the time to bash greek life and a specific organization, how about you find ways to EDUCATE people that do not understand because they have not walked in your shoes. It appears that several people that responded to you had parents, grandparents who have fought for our country. This is why they have nothing but they utmost respect for America. Let’s educate, not eradicate these people.

    • Black people are literally being killed. Hundreds of thousands languish in prisons due to racist crime bills. Millions languish in ghettos. To use an allusion to a pop culture icon, because it seems you cannot relate to actual, real-life oppressed people, you sound like Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games. In other words, your comment sounds very privileged and insensitive.
      In case you didn’t know this, it’s very difficult to be patient and polite when your people are actively being destroyed by racist government policies and social discrimination.

  15. I’ve seen the entire thread that is being discussed… Symora, you say you were attacked. However, none of the comments posted by AOpi sisters were attacking anyone, just disagreeing with what you were saying. It was then that you started referring to every white girl on the feed as “Becky”, calling everyone who disagreed with you white and privileged, which wasn’t always true, and talking about how you didn’t like them and none of them were your friends. I think you need to stop playing the victim, because I guarantee that will bring you no happiness. You claim in some of the Facebook comments of this article that it was meant to paint a broader picture of Greek life, and that it’s not pointed at AOpi, and yet their name is tagged in the article, and specifically mentioned in the headline. If you held a mirror to yourself and all of the mean, racist, and nasty things you have been saying and doing, you would realize that you are probably the one in the wrong. I understand that in today’s society, everyone will blindly defend you because of your race and allow you to continue to be the victim, and I’m sorry that they’re dragging you down with them. I wish the best for both you and the organization that you left, and that both parties find peace with each other.

  16. Symora,
    Based on previous comments, it appears you called these women “white privileged” girls; don’t you think that’s judging a book by its cover? Lumping people into one category–the exact notion you sought to fight against when you chose to not join an all black organization? Many girls in sororities do not have financial support from home; they work whenever they are not in class to be able afford such things while they have taken out a loan to pay for school. Additionally, women in sororities are not all white. Individuals from all ethnicities are a part of Greek organizations, regardless the council. I encourage you to be more informed. I encourage you to see others’ perspectives. It does not always have to be about race. Not everyone is trying to attack you for your race. This can simply be a disagreement. Period.

  17. I am deeply sorry that this happened, and there is plenty about AOII (and the Greek system overall) that is not perfect. That said, Not every chapter is like this… I’m proud to say that Delta Tau has, in recent years, encouraged sisters to express themselves. Quite a few of them are very open about the things they believe in, and sometimes they post some controversial issues (myself included), and quite a few of them write for the Odyssey I believe. They always get positive feedback from one another, even if they don’t necessarily agree. I’m an alumnae now, but I’ve seen how progressive a chapter can be, and I know there are others out there.

  18. As someone who was *formerly* friends with you on FB symora, I can say that you are truly a racist person. Its one thing to see a white person making fun of the black lives matter movement or others issues that they don’t understand that don’t affect them. I was inches away from unfriending you already, after all of the posts you share encouraging white hate and how much you offensively and purposefully stereotype and generalize whites into one group, that you clearly view as lesser than you. After the way you and your friends ATTACKED the people who disagreed with your american flag post, I couldn’t be friends with you anymore. For those who haven’t seen it, Symora and her friends were
    1) Using white racial slurs to refer to everyone (white or otherwise) who disagreed with her post
    2) Telling people in disagreement to stop commenting, and then when they did, aggressively tagging them in more comments, such as “WHERE YOU AT NOW _______?” and “I BET YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHING TO SAY NOW _________”
    3) Calling people in disagreement hoes, bitches, and sluts

    I’m sorry, and I’m sure I’ll get so many nasty replies to this, but you are truly a bad, racist person who is doing nothing but playing the victim and trying to drag down an entire organization because you don’t like the things they had to say. I know POC who are legitimately afraid to talk to you about things because of your black supremacist views. Honestly surprised you joined a predominantly white sorority in the first place, it seems to me like dragging them down was your intention in the first place.

    • It’s really funny that you’re sitting here trying to get people against me and can’t even state your real name.
      1. I never posted anything against white people or hating white people.
      2. I HAVE however posted articles about explaining white privilege which, or could someone white would see as “anti-white”
      3. i can’t control what other people do, so you using what my friends said and did is irrelevant.
      4. “I know POC who are legitimately afraid to talk to you about things because of your black supremacist views.” girl df are you talking about? I have ACTUALLY Been bullied by ACTUAL black supremacists because I view whites as equal human beings, and because I have always had more white friends than black friends and cry just as hard when non poc are killed or hurt.

    • P.S. I personally never called anyone a slut, bitch, or hoe, so stop that right now. “Honestly surprised you joined a predominantly white sorority in the first place, it seems to me like dragging them down was your intention in the first place.” What the actual hell? Who says stuff like that?

  19. 1). As a person of color, it should not be an expectation for you to educate anyone. Not all people of color should have to have the tax of educating the ignorant, we are all not great facilitators of this conversation. So for those of you telling her to educate others, that’s not her job. Maybe she could have made said her point in a better way, but why is she held to a higher standard than her white counterparts who posted disrespectful things?

    2). Those of you saying AOPi is the most diverse sorority on campus clearly have not seen any of the multicultural Greeks on campus. Theta Nu Xi easily is the most diverse sorority on campus.

    3). Nothing against AOPi specifically, but this is a common feeling amongst some minority women towards predominantly white sororities. Not everyone thinks this way and it’s not always true but this is why multicultural organizations exist, because this feeling of lack of inclusivity. Always do your research and find the right fit for you.

  20. As someone who saw the post, you were not threatened in any way. Not one person said they were going to harm you, they just strongly disagreed with you. As for the women of AOII, they are THE most diverse Sorority on campus. This isn’t an AOII problem, this is a you not being able to handle differing opinions problem.

  21. The whitesplaining in this comment thread is astounding and discouraging. Telling a POC how to feel when her “sisters” post racist memes is the very definition of white privilege. The commenter calling a woman of color “racist” clearly has no understanding of the term. This young woman has spoken an inconvenient truth about *her* experience. That commenters are trying to redefine her story to suit their narratives is just proof of how very deeply ingrained this problem is. I commend this writer for taking a very difficult stand and hope her chapter strives to do better in the future. I am a white woman and the member of a sorority, for the record.

    • Some people use the terms “racism” and “institutional racism.” Other people use “prejudice” and “racism” instead of those terms. If you’re trying to say she can’t be racist because of her skin color, you’re clearly in the latter group. But you know well and good that the first group of people exists. Stop trying to hinder conversation.

  22. None of you commenting on how this is such a big problem have any idea what the sorority did in response to the event that this article describes. As a whole AOII is very accepting of different opinions and encourages each sister to be involved in the current social justice issues that concern our country. Letting a few people respresent an organization as a whole is very unfair. The sorority has taken measures to address any concerns that were previously brought up and to have this on a public forum for people not involved to dissect is very inconsiderate. Now the sorority is being labeled as racist. How would you feel if you were being called racists unfairly? Then when people attempt to defend the sorority they are accused of “whitesplaining”, how do you even know if the people commenting are white? You don’t have to be white to feel like this is an unfair generalization of a whole organization. The point is, AOII can try as much as they want to maintain harmony but these are adults who ultimately make their own decisions and cannot be controlled by anyone. Just as Symora made a decision to publicly call out the sorority and to post her opinions, everyone else has the right to also do those things. Facebook has multiple options to prevent you from seeing people’s posts including unfriending and unfollowing. just try to understand that this is one very biased side of the story and it has denied the sisters of AOII any chance to defend themselves. People are very quick to judge, but you honestly do not know what is actually going on which is again why it is very unfair that this is in a public forum.

  23. I honestly don’t feel sorry for you one bit! There’s two sides to every story & you are basically playing the victim. However, you were pretty rude & nasty. It is their private FB page, not the organizations, so they have every right to post certain things. If you don’t like, unfollow! Learn to grow up, because name calling & playing the race card doesn’t help you. The fact that you’re trying to make an organization, as a whole, look bad because you aren’t getting your way just shows your true character.

  24. You use the word attacked to easily. You weren’t attacked. you wwere just answered with opinions that did not match yours and you took it personally. this is the real world. learn to accept that not everyone will agree with you and stop making yourself the complete victim. using the word attacked like you did you can say that you attacked them as well.

  25. If you are willing to post something political on a social media platform that is contraversial then be ready to put on your big girl pants and handle the situation! Dont say you were attacked just because you can’t handle someone on the internet responded to your opinion with their’s. if it comes to someone’s social media post being “mocking” unfollow them. or even talk to them in person and tell them how it offended you. this article was written so you can leave the organization with a bang and not look back. you didnt “educate” them, you didnt teach them anything. you just wanted to embarrass them

  26. As a FORMER member of this sorority I can THAT this post and Symora’s feelings about AOII were more than just due to nasty comments on a Facebook post. I, along with other FORMER members left the sorority due to the lack of respect you receive in this chapter. This goes way beyond racism or “white privilege” of these girls. It goes on to the simple lack of respect you get as a member of this organization.

  27. I find it interesting that the girls in this sorority have been posting about how great their bond is and how diverse they are since this article came out. Seems a bit fake to me

    • Or maybe the women in the sorority are trying to show that they do respect each other, and this wasn’t a sorority issue, but rather a Symora issue. Also I haven’t seen any posts talking about diversity, just the love these women share for each other and the bonds they’ve formed since joining an organization.

  28. Wow… as a person who was interested in joining AOII I certainly won’t now. And it has nothing to do with this article. It’s the negative responses from her “sisters”. When someone is explaining their experience, it is not the time to tell them they are wrong or fuss at them. As you can see in the article, she was affected and that’s all that should matter. Stop blaming her and pointing fingers at someone who is venting about a negative experience they had. Sisters are supposed to be there for eachother but you guys don’t seem like you were ever there for Symora. Even reading this article you got mad instead of saying “Im sorry you felt that way.” Instead you guys are accusing her of victim blaming. Thanks for showing your true colors AOII.

  29. LOL this is an article coming from someone who replied to her sisters calling them “becky” and making them feel like just cuz they are white their opinions don’t matter.

    • how can you just assume these are all sister replying? as a member of an NPHC, i know that if this happened to our organiztion we would be told not to reply and make this a bigger issue. and the sister i have talked to have told me that they are not making the problem grow by replying on social media. they know how to address a problem personally instead of putting it on the internet.

  30. As a member of cpc community, African AMERICAN, and from a military family I can honestly say I’m offended by you. Maybe you felt out of place in some situation but not because of race but because of your attitude. I’ve had classes with you before and you have a nasty attitude sometimes. I feel deeply for the sisters of AOII for you changing the story on what happened on Facebook and making them seem like a racist group of white supremacist. If you’re someone who believes symora was discriminated by her race on the Facebook post, please look again. Not one person mentioned race until she flipped every comment around onto a race issue. And none of her sisters called names or treated her wrong. She was the one calling people Becky and looking for a fight. And for being a “racist group” they sure do have a bunch of different races and cultural backgrounds. Wasn’t the last present of non white decent?

    Symora yes racial issues do happen, I agree with you! But the AOII situation is not a race issue.. It’s an attitude situation. If you were apart of any other CPC organization or even NPC, people would have reacted the exact same. You need to fix your attitude and show respect if you want respect back.

    (I’m not using my real name because I have better things to do than get harassed for being a “white supremacist” because I disagree with you)

  31. Symora, out of curiosity….did you ever talk to the sisters that were posting offensive things? From all the back and forth, it looks like what you chose to do in response to the kaepernic jersey thing was post on social media that you would like to make the American flag a doormat. There is a huuuge difference between a jersey and our American flag. Neither post was good but to say something like that on fb in a country where, despite our dark history, people are very patriotic? Very bad move. As a black woman that attended a pwi and was in a mostly white sorority, I feel your pain. And no, you’re not required to educate anyone. But a simple “this offended me, here’s why” definitely wouldn’t have hurt. Although by the time I was a senior and didn’t like my sorority as much (for various reasons) I would never dream of blasting my chapter like this. Ever. I’m assuming you have a private fb page for your chapter? Why didn’t you talk about it there? What you did was wrong Symora. This is very wrong and immature. Especially now that it’s coming out that your story is very one sided and that you’re just as guilty as posting offensive posts as anyone else. When people, especially your sorority sisters, offend you, you talk to them. Like an adult. You don’t blast your sorority and your chapter like this. I hope someone starts sharing screenshots of the things you were posting so more people will know how one-sided you’ve been.

    • I hope they share screenshots too, because there were 70+ nasty comments that they deleted, that were indeed threatening. There is a lot more I could talk about, this wasn’t the only instance that I was discriminated against. SO sit here and judge if you want, but I’m not sorry.

  32. If you have a problem with something a person posts, then you had the right (as did the girls that commented on your post) to comment or message them and say that that how you felt about the post. You cannot be mad because some people spoke up about their OWN opinions. Just because multiple people had the same opinion and decided to speak up does not mean they are ganging up on you. Now you are trying to generalize an entire sorority because of a small handful of girls that did not agree with you? Please get a life

    • I’m not mad that they spoke up, it’s the fact that the same girls who ganged up on me claimed we should “ignore posts that we disagree with, or personally message them, for the good of the chapter.”

      • You 100% were mad they spoke up. You commented that they were only commenting because you were black. Then when they said that wasn’t true, you called them “Becky”. You were discriminatory in your comments. It’s a public feed and you can’t go back and change what happened

        • “You commented that they were only commenting because you were black.”


          No. Just no. I commented that they ganged up on me on an issue that they didn’t understand because they are not black. That when someone was offended by a more caucasian issue, everyone had something to say, but not the other way around. That they claim to be open minded and accepting but fail to even try to understand where I was coming from.

          • in the thread your exact words were “What’s funny is you guys have a whole lot to say when someone white is being offended” AKA you said they were only commenting because you were not white. The comment you were replying to was just stating that there are better ways to voice your opinion that wouldn’t be as offensive, and it wasn’t a rude comment AT ALL. You cant change what was said, and you aren’t the only one with screen shots, so you can’t delete the thread and lie about it.

          • I didn’t delete the thread, it’s still there last time I checked. Feel free to take a gander, I just think it’s funny people are judging me for what I said when there isn’t any proof of what was said on the other side since they deleted all of their nasty comments.

          • ““What’s funny is you guys have a whole lot to say when someone white is being offended” AKA you said they were only commenting because you were not white.”

            What? That literally makes no sense, if anything it would make sense for you to argue that I claimed they were only commenting because the people who were offended were white. Which is true.

          • I was saying what you meant when you posted that comment, you voiced it in a way that said “because they are white”, but you meant it in a way that said “because I am black”. I can tell how you meant it by looking at the rest of your comments on that post, and by reading this article. Also it doesn’t matter what color anyone is, if someone posts that they want to step on the American flag, people are going to be offended. The people commenting on your post happened to be white, but I am positive that some African Americans would also be offended by that statement as well. You brought race into the comment section, not your sisters. The disagreement had nothing to do with race until you twisted it into a race issue, and that’s when people started to back out and delete their comments.

          • Oh okay, I guess you’re the expert. Really, you can say anything is the reason they backed out. Because there’s no more proof. Since they deleted it. You can literally say whatever you want.

  33. Literally stop trying to save face by lying Symora. So many people saw the thread, and the comments were only deleted to stop the harassment you and your friends were doing. You’re not only a nasty racist person, but now even more of a liar. You’re saying so many things that aren’t even true. Good luck in life with this kind of attitude.

    • Um actually the comments were deleted because they didn’t want people on the outside to see how nasty girls from the sorority were treating one of their own members. (which happens quite often because the chapter is obsessed with image) I’ll admit I was mean, I’m human, But that’s exactly my point, everyone reads so far into “Omg you’re calling them racist, omg you’re playing victim” The point is, they decided to publically argue with me about it, instead of trying to message me, they brought the sorority into it with their “as a sister” comments. But this kind of thing never happens to sisters who post other offensive things.

      Also it’s funny that all of a sudden me and my friends were harassing them when there were 15+ members of my sorority were ganging up on me. (again whatever, but if someone is going to say nasty things to me, im not going to be civil) My friends were only backing me up because they saw what was happening. Now i don’t expect you to understand the point I am trying to make with this article, but how about you stop hiding from anonymity saying you “saw the thread” or you “know me” Literally anyone can say, “Yeah I saw it too, I was there.” but unless you say who you really are you’re just a voice on the internet.

      • People didn’t attack you cause you’re black. It’s cause have a bad attitude and overall negative vibe. If you be nice to others, they’ll be nice to you too. #timetodosomeselfreflecting

        • “you have an overall negative vibe” funny how you are only saying this now. If it really bothered you would have said something before. Unless you’re admitting to saying it behind my back. Funny how that works.

  34. Actually I think what happened is that the women in the sorority stopped responding ( I’m assuming they were told by someone to stop) but you and your friends wouldn’t stop. You went as far as to tag someone who had deleted their comments and harass them until they answered. No one in this situation was right, but from the outside looking in, the blame should be split 50/50. YOU were rude, AND they were rude.

  35. “I’ll admit I was mean, I’m human” ok, so it’s excusable and fine if you’re mean (which you REALLY were), but it’s not ok for the people commenting to be mean (which they really WERENT), and you don’t bother to mention in the article that you and your friends were INCREDIBLY mean and rude back to the sisters posting. Just to clarify again, if some people in your sorority are “mean”, you drag them through the mud and put them on blast by publishing on a news website for the whole world to see, but if YOURE mean (which you really, truly are, and your friends are even worse), it’s ok because you’re just human? Nobody’s listening to anything you say, and this is why. It’s hypocritical, whiny people like you who are ruining this country. Sorry to be the one to say it, but you don’t get to be the ultimate victim of this situation just because you’re pulling the race card. This wasn’t mature, this wasn’t called for, and this is a waste of everyone’s time.

    • Girl they REALLY were mean. Yes we were both mean. At least I can admit it instead is crying around writing lies about someone because I don’t like them. Just because you agree with something someone said, doesn’t mean what they said or how they said it wasn’t mean. And the point of the article was not that they attacked me, but that they attacked me, and have no problems with other sisters who post offensive stuff. You can call me a liar, whatever. But the truth is I don’t delete and hide the things I do and pretend like I’m some goody two shoes hero. That’s what people like do, and that’s what they did and are doing.

  36. You just described society in general, not germane to your sorority. You just described my fraternity as well, THE MOST diverse one at VCU.

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