THE PRESS BOX: Rams gon’ be OK

Photo by Brooke Marsh.
Photo by Brooke Marsh.

I’m still in disbelief.

Not because VCU lost the championship game, but more so because of how they lost. For every made-basket by St. Joe’s, I just knew the next one would not be successful — but it always was. Back-to-back threes rained down from all angles on the Rams.

The Hawks executed a perfect game plan and defeated our beloved Rams on an afternoon where, quite frankly, VCU wasn’t the better team. Melvin’s ankle injury and Mo’s lack of length in the long-run were the Achilles heel to a dream scenario of coach Wade getting to cut the nets in a season no one expected that it would happen.

If any Ram fan thought DeAndre Bembry was undeserving of conference player of the year, you were wrong. The guy can score with the best of them. Teaming up with Isaiah Miles quickly put VCU in a match-up nightmare.

But I’m also in disbelief because I will be flying to Oklahoma City come Thursday.

Do you know what the only thing to do in Oklahoma is? Think. No, I’m not looking for a response. I actually mean thinking is the only thing to do in Oklahoma.

As I watched the guys leaving their hotels to head back to Richmond, you could see the despair still on their faces, but the news of a good tourney spot had brightened the mood.

Still unsure of what Oregon State brings to the table is a good thing. For once, the guys can enjoy a bus ride home knowing they aren’t faced with the daunting task of guarding a stud in the first round such as a D’Angelo Russell of Ohio State, like last season.

Oregon State will be a challenge, however. The Rowdy Rams may not be in full-swing as expected, due to the utter random, and boring-ness, of the city selected in Podunk, Middle of Nowhere. But all-in-all, VCU is in good shape. The loss hurts, but the boys still have basketball to play.

Plus, a Sweet 16 matchup with Shaka Smart’s Texas Longhorns could hypothetically present itself. I don’t expect Wade or Smart would keep their jackets on for very long in that one.

Sports Editor, Bryant Drayton

Bryant Drayton, photo by Brooke MarshBryant is a sports advocate who’s always smiling. He is a senior print and online journalism major aspiring for a career as a professional or college football columnist. Bryant currently covers high school football games for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. // Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn



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