C-SPAN, puppies will attend VCU Super Tuesday Election Day Festival

Vote illustration by Shannon Wright
Illustration by Shannon Wright
Vote illustration by Shannon Wright
Illustration by Shannon Wright

VCU students will have access to puppies, C-SPAN, games, prizes, live music by student band “Shy, Low” and polling places on Virginia’s presidential primary voting day — Tuesday, March 1.

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The political science department is hosting the VCU 2016 Super Tuesday Election Day Festival, which will begin at 9 a.m. in the student commons. The event will feature voter registration and caravans to polling places. Political news network C-SPAN will be sending a bus to participate in the event.

“The Super Tuesday Election Day Festival is a way to remind students to get out and vote in the presidential primary that day,” said political science professor and event organizer Alexandra Reckendorf.

Reckendorf said students will not be able to vote at the event, but a mock election will take place. Various campaigns will also be hosting booths with voting information for students.

VCU organization Students for Bernie will be at the event and providing attendees with transportation to their local polling places as well.

“By driving students to vote round the clock, we want to make it as easy and quick as possible for students to take a break from their routine to go vote,” said Students for Bernie president Caroline Butler.

The caravan, which will operate from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., is free and available to the public.

Political science honor society Pi Sigma Alpha is partnering with New Virginia Majority, a voter registration organization, to register and educate voters at the Super Tuesday event.

“We at the political honor society want to do our part to get people involved in politics,” said Pi Sigma Alpha president Taylor Combs. “The primaries are a big deal this year.“

Students in Poli391: Political Campaigns & Communication will also be volunteering during the event.

“The event itself is non-partisan. We are interested in getting students to vote; we are not interested in persuading them who to vote for,” Reckendorf said. “Hopefully this event will get students excited to participate in the democratic process.”

The Richmond SPCA will be in attendance and raising awareness for pet adoption. Dogs from the shelter will help predict the winner of the primaries by racing to bowls of food with each candidate’s name on it.

Print News Editor, Andrew Crider

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  1. To be clear: Students for Bernie Sanders have not been in touch with the Super Tuesday Election Day Festival’s organizer. They are not affiliated with this event in any way. I’m glad they’ll be transporting students to the polls, but as a non-partisan event, their transportation is not actually a part of the festival. We hope they’ll swing by to say hello, though.

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