McAuliffe opens Clinton’s Richmond office

Photo by: Fadel Allassan
Photo by: Fadel Allassan
Photo by: Fadel Allassan

Fadel Allassan, Print News Editor

Gov. Terry McAuliffe headlined the opening of democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s new campaign office in Richmond on Saturday.

With just over two weeks until Virginia’s March 1 primary, McAuliffe, who has called himself one of Clinton’s strongest political allies, opened the office on Feb. 12 at 1000 Carlisle Ave., where the Clinton campaign will organize her grassroots campaign in Richmond and central Virginia.

The democratic governor commended the former secretary of state’s history, touting her record in the white house as first lady and in the senate.

“I have known Hillary for 36 years, I know her passion, I know her soul I know her determination. She’s a fighter, she’s a progressive who gets things done, she doesn’t just talk,” McAuliffe said.

“I think you all realize that elections matter but we need your help. It’s the grassroots, it’s the door to door, it’s the phone calls that are going to win this election,” McAuliffe said.

Photo by: Fadel Allassan
Photo by: Fadel Allassan

The Virginia governor was the co-chairman of Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and previously served as the Democratic National Committee chairman. In 2013, McAuliffe was elected governor, succeeding Republican Robert McDonell.

In addition to sending a democrat to the governor’s mansion in 2013, the Lt. Governor and Attorney General positions were also won by democrats for the first time since Gov. Douglas Wilder’s administration in the 1990s.

McAuliffe urged democratic voters in the state to come out in numbers again in order to win the white house.

“You did it for me when we broke a 38 year trend where one party winning the white house and the other winning the governor’s mansion, that didn’t happen” McAuliffe said. “We won and our attorney general and lieutenant governor won. It was the first time in 24 years.”

The campaign office opened one week after Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign opened its Richmond office in downtown Richmond. McAuliffe criticized the Vermont senator, claiming that Sanders criticized Pres. Obama’s record and that Sanders’ policies were idealistic.

“I like Bernie, I’ve known Bernie for a long time, but he said the president was weak and a disappointment. I don’t think our president has been weak or disappointing,” McAuliffe said. “I would like to offer everyone free college tuition in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but I won’t because I can’t. We don’t need politicians making promises they can’t keep.”

After Clinton edged Sanders in the Iowa caucus on Feb 1. Sanders came out on top of Clinton by 12 percent of the popular vote in the New Hampshire primary one week later. The democratic presidential primary continues with the Nevada primary on Feb. 20 followed by the South Carolina primary one week later.

Print News Editor, Fadel Allassan

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