Altria hosts the multimedia, interactive VIDEO GAMES LIVE

The Richmond Symphony Orchestra collaborated with legendary gaming industry icons to develop a multimedia concert on Jan. 23, which used electronic percussionists, solo performers and synchronized lighting and clips from video games spanning decades.

CEO and producer of VIDEO GAMES LIVE Tommy Tallarico is on stage every show accompanying the orchestra on his guitar.

In addition to producing the event, Tallarico has worked in the gaming industry as a designer, producer, writer, games tester and writing video game music for more than 23 years.

Another of Tallarico’s renowned accomplishments, is his founding of G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild), which is a non-profit organization established for the purpose to educate the masses of interactive audio. In its first two years, G.A.N.G. provided 600 paying jobs to those in the industry.

The interactive segments of the concert promote audience involvement more than a typical symphony performance. This participation includes audience members coming on stage to compete with each other as the orchestra plays in sync with the visuals displayed on stage.

Pre-show activities included a costume contest and prize giveaways. The post-show meet and greet allowed audience members to meet performers of the concert, industry designers, composers, voice actors and other guests.

Since its creation in 2002, VIDEO GAMES LIVE has worked to demonstrate how artistic and culturally significant video games and their music have become on a global scale.

Kristen Lair-Baker, Contributing Writer

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