StaxRVA brings breakfast to your door

The Sriracha, Basic Batch, Vegetarian, Mediterranean and French Toast sandwiches currently available at StaxRVA. Photo by Austin Walker

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle between a fried egg sandwiched between two buttery slices of Texas toast is your ability to get out of bed in the morning.

StaxRVA — the brainchild of Brayden Pleasants, founder of Red Eye Cookie Company, and Kristen Cannon — is here to solve your breakfast woes by delivering fresh sandwiches and coffee to the front doors of homes and offices around the Richmond-Metro area.

“We all love breakfast,” Pleasants said, “especially after a rough Richmond weekend.”

The business held a soft opening this weekend, where Stax served a limited menu to grease their wheels without the traffic of a large grand opening celebration.

Pleasants said StaxRVA is expecting to host the grand opening at some point in the coming week, possibly later, and business will be open for take-out or delivery from 6 a.m.-12 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

“We thought we’d leverage some of Red Eye’s success in the area, we thought our fans would want to hear about the concept,” Pleasants said.

Pleasants is the co-founder and co-owner of Stax, and the store shares a kitchen with Red Eye Cookie Co. at 935 W. Grace.

“They’re two different companies but we thought it was interesting that we could say, ‘from the team that brought you late-night cookie delivery,’ we can bring you cookies at 2 a.m. and then bring you breakfast at six.”

Pleasants said that the menu was largely conceptualized by Cannon, who was originally going to run a breakfast food truck in Indianapolis.

Currently, there are five sandwiches available for $6.99: the Mediterranean, the Basic Batch, the Vegetarian, the Sriracha and the French Toast, as well as 96 oz. containers of coffee from Black Hand Coffee Co, a Richmond-based roasting company located on Patterson Ave.

Pleasants said that local businesses, even those which will probably serve as competitors for him, have received the restaurant’s concept well.

“I think sometimes consumers overestimate the role competition plays, or at least the nature of the relationships it fosters,” Pleasants said. “I work closely with local restaurants through Red Eye, I’m a member of the community myself and I love food, so I eat at a lot of places downtown.”

Some of the CT’s editorial staff decided to order a batch of each of STAX’s sandwich to get a bite of the newest addition to the city’s breakfast food.


Sarah King, Executive Editor

The Sriracha
"It was really good if you like spicier food. I had it with bacon and it was bangin. Definitely good for a breakfast or lunch hangover cure."
IMG_1895The Sriracha comes with bacon or sausage, Sriracha cream cheese, sliced tomato, diced jalapenos, two fried eggs, white cheddar cheese and choice of French or Texas toast.


Matt Leonard, Print Managing Editor

The Basic Batch
"I liked the sandwich, yes I did."
The Basic Batch is a build-your-own option with choices of breakfast meats, cheeses and additional add-ons available. Matt got bacon, sausage and mozzarella on Texas toast and ate his sandwich too quickly for anyone to snap a photo of the actual sandwich. Sorry, y'all.


Meagan Dermody, Copy Editor

The Vegetarian
"It was melt in your mouth good. The eggs were cooked perfectly, it was buttery and the cheese was incredible. It was the eggy sandwich of my dreams."
IMG_1898The Vegetarian comes with yellow and green sliced peppers, spinach, tomato vinaigrette, cucumber, sliced tomato, two fried eggs and optional bacon or sausage as add-ons.


Bryant Drayton, Sports Editor

The French Toast
"It was the perfect college, Saturday morning breakfast food."
IMG_1899The French Toast comes with bacon or sausage, two fried eggs, swiss cheese, maple syrup and two slices of French toast.


Austin Walker, Spectrum Editor

The Mediterranean
"I'd eat this every weekend if I had the cash, honestly. I knew it was good after I had to wipe my hands on the napkin for the fifth time."
IMG_1896The Mediterranean comes with bacon or sausage, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil, two fried eggs and choice of French or Texas toast.

Spectrum Editor, Austin Walker

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  1. Offer gift certificates! Grandparents and parents will buy them for their kids who are in school! Great idea, however, I do not live in the area, but my Grandaughter and her husband do. It would be a nice surprise for them and they could use the gift card when they wanted to! Just sayin!

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