AGD shouldn’t be happy

AGD SHOULDN’T be happy

Recently, an article, “AGD is NOT happy”, was published in the CT. It was a short piece, barely more than a paragraph, rife with grammatical errors, abrasive language, and passive-aggressive tone. It was written in response to a previously published opinion piece, “Reinforcing the prison-industrial complex is not ‘philanthropy‘”, though its scattered writing neglected to mention this in its flame. It was written not so much as a defense of Alpha Gamma Delta as it was a childish attack against the editors and the author of the aforementioned article. And it was credited as written by “Kathleen Lau”.

Well, I am Kathleen Lau. I am the only Kathleen Lau to ever have been affiliated with VCU. And I did not write that article.

It is apparent that my name was, without my consent, falsely tacked onto an article written by a disgruntled AGD sister or supporter. And, interestingly, I am not the only victim of their literary falsification. Other students have reported that the same phenomenon has happened to them, though, due to affiliation with organizations, they are not at liberty to speak on the matter.

But I’m not in AGD. I’m not in any Greek organization. And I have no qualms about calling out the ignorance and immaturity that this slandering ghost writer has displayed with their recent publication.

It takes an awful lot of entitlement to steal someone’s name and identity, to treat it as something you grab out of a bag at your personal convenience. To you, mystery writer, I am just a name. I am an inconsequential, disposable person. My life, my career, my reputation – none of it matters to you. You knew your words were too abhorrent to attach your own name, but you saw my name as sufficiently inferior for your expense.

Perhaps that was a cue that you shouldn’t have been writing at all.

There is a great deal of irony here, where, in an article submitted in an attempt to better AGD’s reputation, you have revealed the extent of your childishness and inconsideration, and are thus reflecting poorly upon the sorority that you are trying to support.
There is even further hypocrisy in your article criticizing “outright condescending and unprofessional tone”, but then following up with, “Well we can’t all be drug dealers, eh Sarah?” And to pack in even more stupidity, the article, written by someone who used a stolen name, comments, “Oh, and you didn’t put your name on it. Classy.”

Alpha Gamma Delta, your official media statement denying involvement with this matter was released less than 24 hours after the fake publication – far too soon for you to have properly ascertained that none of your 80+ chapter members are guilty. Your statement makes no mention of further investigation. Whether or not you are responsible for these acts of libel, your flippancy does nothing to counteract the damage.

And you should NOT be happy.
The real Kathleen Lau (sic)

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