AGD is NOT happy

Correction: Kathleen Lau, a spring 2015 VCU alumna, reached out to the CT on Oct. 19 to clarify that the email sent to the editor from an account by the name “Kathleen Lau” on Oct. 16 is not her, does not represent her opinion and that she does not know who sent the following letter to the editor from that account.

I don’t know what you usually do at the paper, but I was under the impression it was your job to be journalists, not to repeatedly insult our sorority for the “crime” of raising money for sick children, something we do every year, and have done successfully every year.

We don’t do it for recognition, we do it for the kids, but imagine my shock when I see an article from your website on my Facebook feed insulting the work we do in an outright condescending and unprofessional tone, before going on a rant about a barely related topic. Oh, and you didn’t put your name on it. Classy.

You don’t like the way we raise money for kids. Well we can’t all be drug dealers, eh Sarah?

Jail or Bail? We did that for sick kids. Raising a stink until your fired or quit? We’ll do that for our own pleasure.

Kathleen Lau


  1. Also, I am quite sure AGD is not happy. I was never happy as a child when I was chided for doing something less than stellar. Nobody likes having their own flaws or mistakes pointed out. But I grew up and strive to learn from my mistakes. I only wish the girls of AGD would do the same and embrace the idea that making fun of another's suffering is never okay, even if it is done in an attempt to do good.

  2. Well, as if you didn't look like jerks before, you certainly do now that you've attached SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME to the opinion YOU KNEW would bring heat down on you and your sorority. Classy move. Real classy.

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