Dear Editors of The Commonwealth Times,

Following Hurricane Joaquin this past Friday, I have been very concerned with how global warming impacts the rest of us.  A year and a half ago, with so much snow all around the country, my county had 13 days, and six two-hour delays.  Most teachers had to not only cut down the material learned, but even changed how much they taught.  Since I went to an IB school, teachers were very much under stress due to the limited time it took to teach us the material in time for the IB exams.

If climate change has such an effect that it impacts our education for the worse, we cannot ignore it anymore.  Which is why I was puzzled to find that there was no mention of Hurricane Joaquin in your latest newspaper. The storm last week impacted students’ activities, particularly the Know Tomorrow event last Friday. This was suppose to be a humongous climate rally, but ironically due to the weather became nothing more than a very small freebie handout inside.


Ankur Bhaskar

VCU Student

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