RVA born and bread: Sandwich Week stacked high with savings

Five-dollar hoagies, heroes, reubens and burgers beckoned locals inside popular establishments from downtown to the Fan last week during RVA’s annual “Sandwich Week.”

The weeklong event ran from Aug. 24-31, and was sponsored by Style Weekly. This year, 28 Richmond eateries were featured.

Some businesses slapped beef tongue on a bun, others went with prosciutto and mozzarella, but all the restaurants kept their prices low and doors open for one of the RVA’s more-recent, but highly anticipated traditions.

The event saw a larger guest turnout this year than in 2014, with options ranging from Italian to Pan-Asian. Places that don’t even specialize in sandwiches came up with something for their menus to take part.

Ipanema, a vegan and vegetarian cafe and bar on Grace Street near the VCU campus, participated this year by serving three grilled tofu sliders topped with hummus, sauteed onions and pickled vegetables as a dinner special.

Greg Darden, a manager at Ipanema, said the event brought in a lot of new business and has been a fun opportunity to try something new.

“We like it because it’s fun to do something different,” Darden said. “We have a rotating menu, but when we brought in this new item, all our customers who come in regularly were pretty stoked.”

The restaurant also welcomed the opportunity to get their name out there on social media, he said.

Davis Erney, a freshman at VCU, found out about the special after receiving a Facebook invite for this year’s RVA Sandwich Week.

“I saw that there was a vegetarian cafe doing it, and then I saw it was right on campus and it was like, ‘Sweet!’” Erney said. “I got the sliders and they were really savory. It was a nice break from the on-campus food.”

New York Deli in Carytown introduced a Big Apple delicacy to this year’s Sandwich Week-ers, by combining beef tongue, turkey breast, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing between two fresh-baked slices of Rye bread. Vegetarians could try out a spicy guacamole and muenster cheese sandwich.

Other unique entrees included Mosaic’s braised pork belly sliders with pineapple slaw, Burley’s Tavern’s fried shrimp and chorizo sausage roll and Burgerworks’ gyro burger with lamb and beef.


Spectrum Editor, Austin Walker

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