Report of stairwell robbery was fabricated

Matt Leonard
Online Content Editor

According to VCU Police, the robbery reported Monday night in the stairwell of MCV’s D-Deck parking garage may have been false.

In a statement released on Tuesday, VCU Police said they reviewed security camera footage from the scene and interviewed the person who reported the robbery and concluded that the robbery never occurred.

A spokesperson for the VCU PD said this is an ongoing investigation and that criminal charges for the false report are pending.

According to Virginia code giving false reports to law-enforcement officials is punishable as a class 1 misdemeanor.

The report from Monday said the victim had $30 taken from them by an armed man. The alleged suspect was reported to have a scruffy beard, a gold tooth, and was dressed in a black puffy jacket, black jeans with a design on the back and Redskins gloves.

This led to VCU PD have increasing patrols in the area.

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