VCU Dining to satisfy Chinese food cravings

Michael Pasco
Managing Editor

VCU students searching for their late night Chinese food fix will be seeing a new Panda Express opening at 910 W. Grace St. after fall break.

Meal exchange will be offered, so students may use their dining blocks, Rambucks and dining dollars. 

“We have favorites that will stay on the menu such as orange chicken, two vegetarian selections, two premium entrees, two chicken entrees and two beef entrees with seasonal offerings and specials in the mix,” said Tamara Highsmith, Manager of Sales and Services for VCU Dining Services.

Outdoor seating will also be available at this dining location.

Panda Express will open up alongside the Walmart-on-Campus location as a part of the buildings being constructed on Grace Street. They will fill the street-level space left for office, restaurant or retail opportunities in the apartment complex nearing completion on Grace Street.

A student survey in 2012 was used to make decisions on what brands to put into the commons, and many students wanted a Chinese cuisine restaurant.

“There’s only so much we can construct at one time with the way budgets go,” Highsmith said.

Other VCU dining changes include updates to the Bleeker Street and Cary St. Market and Deli menus.

Bleeker Street will offer a create-your-own sandwich and salad menu in addition to its previous menu selection. “You have this thing you love but you don’t want it on this bread,” said Highsmith. “We said, ‘let’s just change this.”

Students will have a choice between one bread or salad base, one meat, one cheese and five toppings. Each sandwich can be toasted, and each sandwich and salad comes with a bag of chips.

Cary St. Market and Deli has added pizzas by the slice and whole. Prices will be similar to Shafer Dining Court’s meal plan, with two block takeout including a pepsi and a whole pizza.

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