Students protest conflict in Gaza

Matt Leonard
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VCU students protest the ongoing unrest in Palestine.
VCU students used handmade signs to protest the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Photo by Matthew Leonard.

VCU students showed their solidarity with Palestine on Monday, asking for an end to the countries conflict with Israel via protest signs.

Standing on the corner of Broad and Belvidere their messages were written on poster board and called for an end to the “massacre” — as protesters called it — that began two weeks ago.

“What’s happening in Palestine is unacceptable,” said Aaliyah Nasseh a senior psychology major. “And we’re funding it with our taxpayer money.”

The conflict between the two countries has been raging for centuries, but this latest flare up in tension is the largest in years, according to the Associated Press.

Beginning in July 8 Israel has since killed at least 657 Palestinians. 31 Israelis have also died as of Wednesday.

Attacks on Palestine have consisted of 500 residential homes and 16 mosques. Israel says that Hamas has been hiding weapons in these locations.

Nasseh says they are going to contact U.S. lawmakers in an attempt to help the situation, but she says she isn’t getting her hopes up.

“I’m honestly not very hopeful,” she said. “In U.S. politics there isn’t a lot of support for Palestine.”

The UN Security Council met on Sunday to discuss a draft resolution at the request of Jordan. The meeting ended with no progress and the fighting continuing.

“The U.S. hasn’t acknowledged it, no one has acknowledged it,” said Umair Khan a junior psychology major who spoke passionately about the situation.

“I am a human being,” he said when asked about his connection to Palestine.

U.N. Human Rights Council has set up an independent commission to look into infractions of international law.

“”[There is] a strong possibility that international law has been violated in a manner that could amount to war crimes,” said Navi Pillay the U.N. high commissioner of human rights.

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