Honors society collects toiletries for homeless

Matt Leonard
Staff Writer

Members of VCU’s Psi Chi honors society helped to collect toiletries for the homeless on Friday in the University Student Commons.

Teaming up with Homeward RVA, Psi Chi accepted donations of anything from toothpaste to skin moisturizer. With a table at the entrance of the commons they received donations from 1 to 3 p.m.

“We’re doing it because it’s a need that is not usually fulfilled,” said Megan Baxter, senior psychology major and Psi Chi at VCU’s vice president. “People usually donate food and clothing, but a lot of times toiletries and things to really take care of yourself are not given as much.”

Baxter said this is the first year that Psi Chi has done this particular charity event. Last semester the organization conducted a fundraiser that raised cash donations to help the homeless in the community.

“It’s gone better than expected,” Baxter said of the charity drive. “We have gotten a lot more than I thought we were going to.”

Psi Chi is an international honors society in the field of psychology.

“It’s for students in psychology who want to take that extra step and get really involved in the field or community,” Baxter said.

Homeward defines themselves as a “planning and coordinating organization for homeless services in the greater Richmond region.” The group aims to prevent and end homelessness in Richmond by delivering services, identifying needs and providing education, according to their website.

Baxter said the majority of Friday’s donations came from a single individual.


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