Ohlinger to retire after 17 years

Ali Jones,
Stefani Zenteno
Contributing Writers

VCU’s associate vice president of Facilities Management Brian Ohlinger is set to retire on May 10 after 17 years at the university.

Ohlinger oversees planning, designing and construction of campus buildings, environmental health and safety, maintenance and operations, renovations, and real estate services.

A national search is under way for his replacement, and while Ohlinger’s is not involved in the recruitment, he said he will help the transition process.

“You know, it’s time to retire, it’s a normal transition in life,” Ohlinger said. “And I’d like to say, none of us do anything alone. I would just say I’ve been very fortunate and have had a great staff supporting the overall operations. Everybody within facilities has contributed to our success, it hasn’t singularly been me. It’s a team effort and I’ve had a great team.”

VCU spokesperson Pam Lepley, said the university has constructed and renovated more buildings and improved transportation over the past 10 years with Ohlinger leading Facilities Management.

“In some way he’s touched almost everything that’s made us what we are,” Lepley said. “Until (Ohlinger) came, our campuses were not as distinguishable, but he really built VCU to have true university campuses.”

Lepley said under Ohlinger’s leadership, the VCU campus has grown and flourished.

“Under (Ohlinger’s) tenure, we went from being a commuter university to a full-fledged residential, major research university,” Lepley said. “(He) led the infrastructure of the amazing transformation, on both the medical center and Monroe Park, and ensures there is continuity between the two.”

Among other projects, Ohlinger, led two master site plans: the construction of the Siegel Center and Cary Street Gym, costing approximately $30 million and $38 million, respectively.

The Cary Street Gym won awards for its immersion into the area: the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification and one of the year’s National Intramural-Recreational Sports Associations’ (NIRSA) Outstanding Sports Facilities (OSF).

John Venuti, vice president of public safety, also worked with Ohlinger and Facilities Management as part of the VCU Incident Response Team. The group prepares and responds to critical incidents that may impact operations, safety, and recovery operations for VCU.

“(Ohlinger) has also assisted police with the new police headquarters project and the police regional training facility that is being developed,” Venuti said. “(He) is very good at what he does, and he’s made significant contributions to the growth and development of VCU. I heard when I got here he was going to build one last building before he left VCU, and that was about four buildings ago.”

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