UPDATE: Sanger Hall still closed; Hunton reopens

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Phases I and II of Sanger Hall remain closed for repairs after damage from a water main break caused the building to close on Monday, Nov. 25. University officials announced Sunday morning Hunton Hall and Phase III of Sanger Hall are operational with the exception of level B3 in Sanger Hall.

Level B3 received severe damage during the water main break. The level will not be open until after the winter closing, according to an update message to students from senior vice president for health sciences Sheldon Retchin, vice president for research Frank Macrina, and school of medicine dean Jerome Strauss.

“To prevent mold issues, and to conduct abatement, B3 will need to be cleared out of supplies, materials, cabinets and other non-structural elements,” the administrators said in the alert. “Crews are isolating B3 from the rest of the building so that no other parts of the building will be affected during abatement and restoration.”

The level is being monitored by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety during the restoration process. Access to the level will be “severely restricted” beginning Monday.

Traffic will remain blocked to the area around Marshall and 12th Streets for water main and sewer repairs.

Dominion Power will work on a “major electrical hook-up” in the area that is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 4.


Sanger Hall remains closed to students after a water main caused a power outage to several buildings around the Medical campus on Monday afternoon.

Although some power has been restored to parts of the building, water is continuing to be pumped out, of the Sanger, university officials reported in an email alert update to students.

Most of the damage occurred in the basement level of Sanger Hall, according to the alert.

Anne Buckley, the senior director for university public affairs, said the damage to Sanger Hall, from what can be examined at this time, is significant. The full extent of damage, however, cannot be known until the water in the building has been removed. Sanger Hall will remain closed on Nov. 27.

Aside from classrooms, lecture halls and offices, Sanger Hall also houses laboratory facilities for the School of Medicine.

Due to the power outages at Sanger Hall, research materials, specimens and samples will be transferred to alternate facilities, according to the alert.

Faculty with personal belongings inside the basement of the building will be allowed to retrieve their items between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 29

VCU alerted students and community members to the water main break on the MCV campus on Sunday, Nov. 25.

The water main at Sanger Hall started leaking Sunday afternoon, forcing an evacuation of the students, guests and staff in Sanger, the Children’s Pavilion and the Hunton Student Center, according to a VCU alert message.

The Hunton Student Center and the Children’s Pavilion returned to their regular work and class schedules by Tuesday, Nov. 26, but Sanger Hall remains closed.

As of press time, repair crews from the Richmond Department of Public Works have contained the leak but are still at work fixing it, said David Hanson, the senior vice president and chief operating officer of VCU, in an alert email.

To help facilitate the repairs, power at Sanger Hall has been shut off. This also mildly affects the power at the Nelson Clinic across East Marshall Street from Sanger Hall, Hanson said.

Richmond and VCU Police units have been dispatched to address the traffic situation due to the repairs. Traffic is blocked along East Marshall Street from 9th to 13th Street. 11th Street is currently closed between Broad Street and Marshall Street. Emergency Rooms and other medical facilities at the MCV campus are still in operation.

David Hanson could not be reached for additional comment as of press time.

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