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  1. She has every right to say what she wants, but this goes both ways…her views seem to reflect her Feminist Ideology and if that's the case, she ought to mention how on Youtube, just about every feminist Channel has comments and likes disabled, thus, cutting off all discourse. I don't really think it is fair to cast such beliefs on Cuccinelli because he has the same beliefs on men as on women, abstinence til marriage, etc. This is a common religious belief and the fact that many women voters accuse Cuccinelli of sexism is wrong…I in no way defend religious beliefs as being good or progressive for our society, but if you want to attack Cuccinelli for such beliefs, you're targeting the wrong thing. It is religion that advocates such things as abstinence, no birth control, no condoms, no abortion, and so on and it is not solely constricting women, but seems so because women have much more complex reproductive organs. What women like Professor 'MAO' don't understand is that it is not 'because' she is a woman that Cuccinelli believes in such strict abstinence and thus thinks all forms of contraceptive techniques should be outlawed, it is because the woman 'happens' to be the sex which produces human life. If it were men, he would believe it the same way, because it is on the basis of a religious principle, not sexism. It is perfectly viable to believe that birth control is wrong depending on what one values as she ought to know that morality is not so black and white.

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