UPDATE: Man charged in fatal shooting near campus

Photo by Mark Robinson.

CT Staff

The Richmond Police Department has charged a man in connection with the fatal shooting on Thursday night at the Rite Aid across from Broad and Belvidere Apartments.

Quintin Washington, 28, shot Marquis J. Richardson, 18, in the store’s parking lot around 7:30 p.m., according to a release sent by Richmond Police Department spokesperson Gene Lepley.  An argument led to the shooting, Lepley said. Washington has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. Neither the shooter, nor the victim is connected to VCU.

A VCU alert sent around 7:37 p.m. told students to stay inside or avoid the area near Broad and Belvidere streets. Police said there was no threat to the broader VCU community, according to a VCU alert. The shooting had no apparent connection to VCU, said VCU Police chief John Venuti, who was at the scene.

Even so, students weren’t far from harm’s way. VCU student Nicholas Sterns was on his way home from rugby practice in Jackson Ward when he saw the shooter.

“We saw a black van pull around the side (of Rite Aid), we heard gunshots happen really fast,” Sterns said. “I see a guy in a white shirt and red athletic shorts flexing with a gun nearby. I’ve never seen a shooting before.”

At least five VCU students were inside the Rite Aid at the time of the shooting.

“We heard at least four shots and a lady and her kid came running into the store covered in blood,” said sophomore Samantha Mellinger, an eyewitness.

“We were scared and didn’t know what to do so we took cover,” said sophomore Veronica Robertson, who was also in the store.

This shooting follows five arrests after four armed robberies near the VCU campus last month. Students received text message alerts about two of those four robberies.

Some students did not receive any alerts about Thursday night’s shooting.

“This is just shocking,” said junior Shannon Minor. “I haven’t heard a thing from VCU. No texts, no alerts, no emails. I’ve heard nothing about a shooting right now and that’s even scarier.”

Other students received the alerts but didn’t find the information helpful.

“We had a shooting this morning in Washington, the Navy Yard shooting and the Virginia Tech shooting,” said junior Cyrus Kingdom. “It happens so often now. I need to know more in these alerts.”







  1. I didn't get the alert either. Even when I do, it's very uninformative and it doesn't convey how high the danger is at all.

  2. Here's an interesting notion- DO SOMETHING to keep undesirables away from campus – one of these days a student is gonna be killed because VCU didn't do enough to make this a safe campus

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