Students respond: How do you feel about campus security cameras?

"After my parents and I heard about VCU's reputation for crime before I came here, I don't think the cameras on campus are such a bad thing."
Ethan Malamud, pictured above, weighs in on the campus security cameras.

CT Staff

The Sept. 9 issue of The CT featured a story about the VCU Police Department replacing old security cameras on campus with $1.5 million worth of new, high definition ones. VCU PD spokesperson Michael Kelly would not say how many cameras exist on campus or where they are located.

In a request filed under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, The CT sought to obtain a map detailing where on and around campus VCU PD is installing the cameras. VCU denied the request.

State open record laws do not require governmental organizations to release information that divulges “…operational, procedural, tactical planning or training manuals, or staff meeting minutes or other records, the disclosure of which would reveal surveillance techniques, personnel deployments, alarm or security systems or technologies, or operational and transportation plans or protocols, to the extent such disclosure would jeopardize the security of any governmental facility, building or structure or the safety of persons using such facility, building or structure.”

Instead, we asked students to weigh in on the upgraded surveillance system.


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