VCU alert: alleged armed person on campus overnight

Liz Butterfield
Online News Editor

The VCU Police Department was alerted early this morning about an on-campus dispute that could have involved a weapon.

Two people were involved in the incident near Franklin and Shafer streets. It was first reported to the Richmond Police Department.

The VCU community was alerted via VCU alert text message around 3:27 a.m. The alert advised to stay clear of the area. The situation was resolved by 3:41 a.m. At no time was an armed person on the campus overnight, said VCU PD spokesperson Michael Kelly.

“The university took appropriate steps to protect our community and sent a text alert while Richmond and VCU police responded to the area,” Kelly said in an email. “It was quickly determined no threat existed to the VCU community and the ‘all clear’ follow-up text was sent.”

The incident is now being investigated by the Richmond Police Department.

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