Yearlong Audition: VCUarts freshmen finish their first year

For students in VCUarts, the No. 1 public arts school in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report, their first year is spent refining their skills into something that can help them for the next three years in art school.

Theater, music and dance majors spend their time performing and practicing throughout the year, while students in the Art Foundations program take a series of classes meant to strengthen basic art skills like drawing, sculpting, painting and working in the woodshop. AFO students apply to their top three choices of major, but are not guaranteed their first choice.

Since 2008 the two most popular choices have been communication arts and graphic design, with 110 and 78 respectively applying to each.

The CT followed five freshmen through their first year in VCUarts, documenting their transition into college, as well as victories and hardships throughout the year.

As they finish their classes and begin their finals, The CT spoke with them one last time.

Andrew Kearns

Brooke Marsh

Tricia Wiles

Rex Kennedy

Kate Rancka

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