Water main repairs on Broad Street inconvenience B&B residents

Cyrus Nuval
Staff Writer

Students in the Broad and Belvidere dormitory had their water briefly shut off on Saturday afternoon after water was cut off to a section of Broad Street.

Because of the outage, students in the dorm were unable to use the shower systems, faucets and toilets from noon to 9 p.m.

The water outage was caused in order to facilitate the repairs of a nearby water main that burst, according to an email from Sarah McClure, hall director for the dorm. McClure alerted students on Friday that the water would be cut off during the following day and advised they prepare for it the night before.

“They are restoring the water for tonight but will have to turn it off again tomorrow, possibly around noon,” McClure told students in the email. “When the water comes back on tonight, please fill your bathtubs up with water so that you can flush the toilets tomorrow while they’re working on the water main.”

Some students and residents of Broad and Belvidere were agitated and concerned about the outage. Junior psychology major and resident Jessica Julien said the entire situation has been an inconvenience to her and her fellow residents since much earlier in the week.

“The water has been flooding the Broad and Belvidere intersection since Monday, but now that the pipe burst they want to take action, which is conflicting with the lives of the students,” Julien said. “So if I want to shower, use the bathroom or wash my face or even cook I have to go somewhere else, which I think is ridiculous.”

Julien said that she had to temporarily move out of the Broad and Belvidere dormitory in order to cope with the lack of water.

“(I’ve been) asking a friend if I can use their place to shower or use the bathroom when needed,” Julien said. “But that is going out of my way when I already have everything I need in my apartment and I may also be an inconvenience to my friend as well.”

Hafsa Adaweh, an international studies major and resident in the dorm, said that the water main repair has also been a major inconvenience.

“I am more upset than annoyed,” Adaweh said. “I just wish they would have warned us earlier than they did. Not only can I not use the bathroom or even shower, my plans for this weekend have been messed up.”

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