Yearlong Audition updates

Tricia Wiles auditioned for Theatre VCU’s Mainstage production of “HairSpray.” While she did receive a call back for the parts of Penny and Amber, she was cast as a female council member in the play. “It was the first vocal audition that I felt (like) I gave it my complete all and there was nothing I would have changed about it,” Wiles said. Wiles also registers for classes this coming week.

Brooke Marsh signed up for her classes for the fall semester and will be taking 17 credits in her photography and film major. She is hoping to take courses in graphic design, which was her first choice of major. If she can’t take classes in graphic design, she plans to teach herself the skills. During the summer, Marsh will be working in her hometown in Maryland and going to Warped Tour 2013, which she is most excited about.

Rex Kennedy is keeping busy with rehearsals for a senior project, a junior project, his freshman repertory class and his class projects. Kennedy has also recently had his identity stolen, which has added to the stress of finishing his freshman year. In addition to his school work, Kennedy has continued to work at his job in Short Pump. Last weekend, Kennedy auditioned for a dance job in New York, which would cause him to leave school if he was offered a job.

Andrew Kearns is busy with his classes and finals projects for his general education and French classes, since he switched majors from AFO to French at the beginning of last semester. Kearns has also signed up for his classes at the Sorbonne University in Paris for the next two semesters. He will be living there for the year and transferring his credits back to VCU. Kearns will be moving to France in August to find an apartment with his boyfriend.

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