Interesting People: IHOP Edition

Samantha Foster
Staff Writer

Amber-Lynn Taber
Staff Photographer

CT reporters solicited the turnout at IHOP’s Free Pancake Day celebration for their opinions. When that proved depressing, they solicited them for their opinion on free pancakes.

Katy Barrow
Vocal Performance

Cori Leek
Mass Communications

“We go every year (to IHOP’s Free Pancake Day). We try to maximize our free pancakes by going to every IHOP in the area.” “I always look forward to Free Pancake Day. Sometimes I go to more than one IHOP. I wish every day was Free Pancake Day.”

Sarah McClellan
French and International Social Justice

Tammie Trinh

“This is the first time I’ve ever come to Free Pancakes day. I don’t eat pancakes all the time, but when they’re free, I especially eat them.” “It’s a good breakfast. The pancakes are good. I heard about Free Pancake Day from my TA who works here.”

Laura Leon

Nick Berkin
Jazz performance

“Free food is always good. I think I’ll just change my outfit and keep coming back.” “I put the fruit topping on the pancake like a crepe. It’s like a taco. It’s not the price; it’s the consistency of the pancakes. Now, I can use this plastic wrapped fork later.”

Jon Nielsen
Jazz performance

Ryan Weston

“I like free, especially when I’m hungry and poor. This is my first Free Pancake Day in Virginia. I’m from Nevada, so I went to Free Pancake Day all the time there.” “These are so good. They are so good you can’t put a price on them, and therefore you shouldn’t. They are priceless.”


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