Interesting People: Great Blizzard of ‘12 edition

Samantha Foster
Staff Writer

CT reporters asked the student populace this week how they survived the raging slush storm.

Josh Kadrich
Ph.D. candidate
Elliot Chandler
Mechanical engineering
“I went sledding. I took cardboard boxes and put them in trash bags and went sledding. My friends and I drank 40s and rode mini-bikes down the hill, but I kept tumbling down the hill. Then I went to the snowball fight in Monroe Park, and we used the sleds as shields.”“The sixth floor of Brandt had a floor-wide football game in the snow. It was cold and I got sick, but it was worth it. Now I can tell my kids about it.”
Sydney Bordeaux
Chris Hutton
Forensic biology
“I went out for five minutes, and I threw some snowballs, but I had work to do. Procrastination.”“I just had a snowball fight with a couple friends.”
Hope Taylor
Henry Jensen
Political Science
“I kicked over a snow penis.”“I admired it, and then went home and cuddled up in bed.”
Ashley Reynolds
Business management
Kyle Raiche
“I went to the midnight snowball fight. I hit some girl in the face, but it was an accident.”“I’m from Boston, so I like the cold, so I fight the snow by buying ice cream.”

Photos by Amber-Lynn Taber

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