Interesting People: STRUT edition

Ashley Major
Contributing Writer

VCU’s fashion community was stunned last week with the university’s announcement that the student-run fashion show, STRUT, would not be hitting the runway as planned this semester. The decision to cancel the annual spring show was made by the executive board of the University Student Commons and Activities.

As the news spread throughout the VCU community, many students, hoping to reverse the decision, took to creating Facebook groups and organizing petitions though

As one student writes on the group’s petition board, “I am not resigned to stand by and kowtow to the powers that be just because they arbitrarily decide to tear down our tradition and to devastate the legacy of our alumni!”

Clearly intending to evoke some change within the executive board, some 500 students have already signed the petition and countless more have make a viral statement regarding their concern for the organization’s future.

When Timothy A. Reed, director of University Student Commons and Activities, was asked for a statement regarding the board’s seemingly harsh decision, he replied that the board had only postponed the show to the fall semester.

Reed said he and the executive board ultimately decided that the caliber of the show presented a conflict of interest: The board decided their loyalty lay with the School of Arts (Fashion) and its own original large-scale fashion show, as it is a representation of a fashion scholar having completed their four-year degree.

Reed calls upon the students to become creative with the new circumstances and to likewise seek other opportunities for public acclaim such as Richmond Fashion Week.

CT reporters asked students what they thought.


Jessica Hodge

I feel like they might be doing it because VCU doesn’t view fashion as well as they view medical or business. It could be someone’s dream, and they are shutting it down.

Mohamed Diomande

I was going to perform a song I wrote, and I was trying to get the student organization choir to perform with me.  I had this whole thing planned out. For those involved, I’m sure it’s important.

Nadia Chowdhury

I’ve been on the committee in the past. I really wanted to try out this year, but they canceled it the day before the auditions. I think it is ridiculous that the people did not give us a really reason for why they cancelled it. I want my money back from my student activities because that’s what I’m paying for. You wouldn’t take from the medical campus, so why would you take away from the arts?

Naomi Ruiz

I wouldn’t go to the fashion show regardless. I’m not all that interested in fashion.

Michael Young

It sounds like STRUT has enough determination to get it done, and they are letting the man
get them down.

Photos by Amber-Lynn Taber

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