The Spectrum Scruff: Day 28

Mark Robinson
Assistant Spectrum Editor

In honor of No-Shave November, The CT will track the beard cultivation progress of four VCU students who will abandon their razors for the entire month. Each issue during the one-month, hair growing bonanza will document their progress. (Follow their updates here.)

Challenge: This week we matched our Scruffers with their celebrity beard look-alikes.

Aaron Mauck

Theater – Freshman

Image courtesy of Fox Television Network

Mauck’s boyish demeanor and sparse facial hair is reminiscent of Eric (Topher Grace) from “That ‘70s Show.”

James Patterson

AFO – Freshman

Image courtesy of Artist A Records

Four weeks into No-Shave November, Patterson’s peach fuzz resembles pre-“8701” Usher Raymond.

Travis Risinger

Marketing – Sophomore

Image courtesy of Washington Capitals

Risinger and Alexander Ovechkin have more than a passion for hockey in common; both sport scraggly neck beards to match their flowing locks.

Sean Williams

Psychology – Senior

Image courtesy of 4AD Records

With a beard to match, all Williams needs to wholly embody Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is heartache and falsetto voice lessons.

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Photos by Amber-Lynn Taber

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