The Spectrum Scruff: Day 7

Mark Robinson
Assistant Spectrum Editor

In honor of No-Shave November, The CT will track the beard cultivation progress of four VCU students who will abandon their razors for the entire month. Each issue during the one-month, hair growing bonanza will document their progress.

Aaron Mavck

Theater – Freshman

“It’s growing slow but steady. This is the point where I’d start to shave it. Where it goes from here, I don’t know.”

James Patterson

AFO – Freshman

“It’s coming in quicker than I thought and I think it’ll come in thicker too, hopefully.”

Travis Risinger

Marketing – Sophomore

“Normally at this point I would shave the sides and keep the goatee, but I’m letting it all flow. You’ve got to keep the flow.”

Sean Williams

Psychology – Senior

“Since I’ve had a full beard for so long, it’s comfy for me. My homeostasis is full beard, so getting back to it is nice.”


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Photos by Amber-Lynn Taber

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