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Mark Robinson
Assistant Spectrum Editor

In honor of No-Shave November, The CT will track the beard cultivation progress of four VCU students who will abandon their razors for the entire month. Each issue during the one-month, hair growing bonanza will document their progress.


Aaron Mavck

Theater – Freshman

Freshman Aaron Mavck’s RA in Rhoads Hall encouraged the guys on the floor to participate in No-Shave November to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Mavck cites Justin Vernon’s (of Bon Iver) beard as “inspiring.” “The music is good,” he said, “but the beard is what does it for me.”

James Patterson

AFO – Freshman

“I try to go for the moustache and beard type thing, you know, the whole Shabang,” said freshman James Patterson, a second-year participant in the No-Shave November festivities who will be growing his beard in solidarity with his brethren on the fourth floor of Rhoads Hall. Patterson describes his beard as “scraggly.”

Travis Risinger

Marketing – Sophomore

Travis Risinger has participated in No- Shave November for the last four years because of hockey team camaraderie and his own laziness. He is “quite fond” of San Francisco Giants closer Brian “The Freak” Wilson’s beard and aspires to grow one just as thick and bushy one day.

Sean Williams

Psychology – Senior

A member of the National Beard Registry, senior Sean Williams credits his sporadic shaving for his unintentional participation in No-Shave November (hence his headstart). He believes beards are both practical and comfortable. A six-year beard-growing veteran, Williams points to Ulysses S. Grant, Karl Marx and Zeus as his beard-growing idols.


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Photos by Amber-Lynn Taber

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