Granados lifts women’s soccer over Georgia State

Junior forward Aisha Allen celebrates VCU women's soccer's 1-0 victory over Georgia State Sunday.

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Junior forward Aisha Allen celebrates VCU women's soccer's 1-0 victory over Georgia State Sunday.
Freshman Cristin Granados celebrates her game-winning goal in VCU's win over Georgia State.

Cristin Granados scored the game-winning goal off a corner kick with 10 seconds to go, vaulting VCU to victory over Georgia State on Sunday.

Granados, along with her teammates, was thrilled about the ending of the game. She said she was just glad she could help out.

“I could just see Cris is going to keep improving because she is very coachable, and she’s a great player,” said co-head coach Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak on Granados.

Besides the last minute action, Sunday’s game was a scoreless one in which the Rams fought every second against the athleticism and aggressiveness of GSU.

“The first thing I think about is Georgia State and how athletic and physical they are,” Sahaydak said. “They disrupted our style of play, so we give them a lot of credit to be able to do that. I’m proud that our players were able to battle through it and put our stamp on the game, which was very difficult to do, but they stuck with it.”

Sahaydak said the team was able to adapt to the Panthers’ style of play. However, she believes that because this style of play was so new to the Rams, they weren’t able to handle it as well as they could have.

“We did OK; next time if we play a team like that, we’ll be better,” Sahaydak said. “I think it was a little bit new to us to be so man-marked around the field.”

While they adapted to GSU’s style, VCU also had difficulty penetrating the GSU defense to make a goal. In total, VCU had 23 attempts against Georgia State.

“I think that is definitely something we need to work on, finishing our chances,” said sophomore center forward Courtney Conrad. “We had a lot of missed opportunities, but it’s something we can definitely look forward to.”

Sahaydak said the team needs to be more mentally tough if they are to continue to win games.

“Our team tends to turn into individuals when things are not going our way,” Sahaydak said. “What we spoke about after the game was we congratulated the team for winning, but when there’s adversity, we still have to use each other to win games. I think it’s just being a team, continuing to be a team and (working) together, those are things we still need to get better at.”

The Rams will travel to Delaware on Friday, Oct. 14. Delaware is ranked sixth in the CAA right behind VCU.

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