Richmond Health Inspections: Shafer Dining Center

Last inspection: April 20, 2010

Three critical violations, nine non-critical violations

Critical violations (corrected during inspection)

  • Interior of plastic bin that holds silverware under Field of Greens observed dirty/soiled
  • Three pans of ground beef and two pans of rice observed at improper hot-holding temperature
  • Faucet hose lines under constant pressure and not equipped with proper backflow prevention device

Non-critical violations (corrected during inspection)

  • Bag of potatoes stored on floor
  • Wiping cloths stored on countertop
  • Oven racks stored on floor of Fan Fare

Non-critical violations (not corrected during inspection)

  • Spray heads on the automatic dish machine are not properly clean and are clogged
  • Sides of two ice machines are dusty
  • Rice storage bin and paper towel dispenser at Fan Fare observed soiled
  • Drain line beneath conveyer line observed leaking
  • Damaged wall in the corner of Fan Fare
  • Dirty/soiled floors beneath drink-in-a-box system and two-door refrigerator at Fan Fare. Ceiling above dish machine has an accumulation of dust near vent.

Michael Martin, a VCU ARAMARK manager, said, “I would characterize our relationship with the Health Department as outstanding.”

Martin has been with VCU for seven years and in those seven years, no VCU food locations have failed a state health inspection.

“When you look at those criticals, they’re not anything major they would shut you down for,” Martin said.

According to Martin, everything that can be corrected during the inspection without interrupting service is corrected.

In addition to state health inspections, VCU requires all 40 to 50 managers to be ServSafe certified, which is a food handling certification. VCU also works with a third-party inspector, EcoSure, to have inspections between state-mandated inspections.

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