VCU NAACP to celebrate African-American filmmakers

Mechelle Hankerson
Assistant Spectrum Editor

Every February, VCU’s student chapter of the NAACP celebrates NAACP Week at the beginning of the month to kick off a month-long celebration of African-American culture, accomplishments and progress.

The VCU NAACP student chapter will continue its celebration of NAACP Week and the organization’s 102 years of existence this Monday night with Hollywood Heritage, an event in which they will celebrate the accomplishments of African-American actors, actresses and directors.

“Over the course of the week, we’ve celebrated the arts, we’ve celebrated the past … and this event is celebrating film,” said VCU NAACP President, Amanda Wilson.

The event will be held in Richmond Salon III in the Student Commons and will feature clips from different films, present facts and include a game similar to Jeopardy with prizes available for winners.

Wilson said that an example of someone the event will focus on is Tyler Perry.

“We focus on Tyler Perry who came from a very hard upbringing … he basically boomed as an African-American director as well as actor,” Wilson said. “He has given a lot of chances to a lot of new actors and actresses.”

The NAACP at VCU will continue their events until the end of February, with Soulful Cafe on the 28th, which is an open-mic event.

According to Wilson, it is for any type of performer and will feature a live band.

“It’s a kind of setting like a lounge,” she said.

Also on Feb. 28, the organization will host speaker Sherman Boone, the coach of the Titans as portrayed in the 2000 movie, “Remember the Titans.”

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