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CODY HAMILTON FIELDS – freshman undeclared

CT Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Paul McCartney?

CHF Actually this one kid, that’s all he calls me. Like I would just be walking down the street, and he’d be like, “‘Sup Paul McCartney.”  And I’m just like, “Alright.”

CT You didn’t know him?

CHF I didn’t; that’s the weird thing. I didn’t for like the first 10 times he called me that, and finally I was like, “Wait. I need to talk to you.”

CT And now you’re best of friends.

CHF Um, we’re acquaintances. We hang out.

CT Where do you shop for clothes?

CHF Back home we have a bunch of Goodwills, and then a DAV, which is like a more trashier (sic) form of Goodwill … Basically everything I’m wearing is pretty much from there.

CT Do people ever comment on your mode of dress?

CHF Um, comments and then stares  … These pants, I’m wearing these until the end of the semester, for holiday cheer.  And then, um, I have a lime green blazer, and … that’s probably the most commented thing I have, is the lime green blazer … I try not to take life too seriously, so like dressing goofy is one of the main components of that.

CT Sounds like a profound personal philosophy.

CHF I would say so.  I mean like – you take yourself too seriously, it’s just gonna bog you down.  I mean, life’s here to enjoy it.  It gets kind of annoying when people are like, “Oh, my life sucks.”  It’s like – your life is the greatest thing you have. So.

CT This is CT’s last issue before winter break – what are your plans?

CHF Sleep. Can’t wait to just … I mean I love Richmond, and I love, you know, being off doing my own thing, whatever.  But nothing’s better than my mother’s sub-par cooking. And a lot of sleep. Yeah. I love her.

CT Any advice for our readers re: surviving finals, in the meantime?

CHF Be goofy. CT

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