Driver hits VCU student on Main Street crosswalk

Fletcher Babb

News Editor

A car struck a female VCU student riding her bike across the Main Street cross walk in front of  Temple building just after noon on Tuesday.

According to Mike Porter, a spokesman for VCU’s Univeristy Relations office, said that the student was transported to MCV with head injuries.

Porter said he was unaware of the student’s name and medical condition.

The name of the driver is also unknown. The driver’s white Ford Explorer stayed in the road for about 30 minutes with the mangled bike trapped underneath.

Kat Farley, of J&K’s Mobile Munchies, said the student flew about 15 feet after being hit.

“She landed on our cone,” she said, referring to a orange traffic cone behind their stand on Main Street.

“It sounded awful,” Farley said. “It sounded like it happened right behind (me.)”

At press time, it was unclear whether the student had the right-of-way.

Talha Makhdoom saw the accident from the corner of Harrison and Main streets and did not think she had the right of way.

Makhdoom, a criminal justice junior, said “the road was pretty empty. I think she just didn’t see the only car.”

While responding to the struck student, a Richmond police cruiser was involved in a separate accident on Belvidere and Grace streets. No injuries were reported.

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