Winter courses stir interest for some students

Alyx Duckett

Contributing Writer

While most students are relaxing over the winter break, some students are taking the opportunity to get a class out of the way.

Brian Friedman, a VCU senior, says he is considering taking a management class over break because the class is covered in a shorter amount of time and relieves his workload next semester.

“By taking this class during the winter, it will make my class schedule easier next semester,” Friedman said.

Winter intersession courses are offered from Dec. 27, 2010 through Jan. 8, 2011. There are a variety of 30, three-credit classes offered in different subject areas. Some of the classes offered are taught online. Each class is five hours long Monday through Saturday over an 11-day period.

For some students winter classes are appealing but not an option.

VCU junior Kristina Chappelle says she would like to be taking a class to gain more credits but will not be taking a course for the winter.

“I’m on a specific college plan that doesn’t cover classes in the winter and summer,” Chappelle said. “I don’t really have the money at this point in time.”

Students like VCU senior Ryan Hymes are taking a winter class to stay caught up.

“I’m taking a winter course to make up for a class I dropped so I don’t fall behind,” Hymes said. “Winter courses are a great idea because it can give students the time to focus on one course that can cause difficulty when taking a full load.”

Since intersession courses are intensive learning, VCU only allows students to register for one class. Students now can register for winter courses, which are listed under the spring semester courses on eServices.

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