Starbucks wine and beer? Not here

Jamie Trice
Contributing Writer

Starbucks locations on the VCU campus will not be selling beer and wine, regardless of changes made to other locations.

Starbucks is looking to revamp its image by offering wine and beer in select stores which prompted some to question whether alcohol could make its way to the VCU Student Commons. The company wants to offer “a variety of options that you might find in more of a restaurant at night,” company representative Kris Engskov told TIME Magazine. The move would draw customers into the store long after the morning rush.

“The Starbucks locations at VCU will not be selling alcoholic beverages,” Rebecca J. Jones, the marketing and public relations manager for VCU’s Business Services, said in an e-mail.  “Starbucks Coffee Company made the decision not to sell beer and wine on college campuses.”

Many students say having Starbucks serving wine and beer is unnecessary and does not belong on a university campus. However, the Chili’s at the Cary and Belvidere residential housing serves alcohol.

“If offered off-campus, it would probably be more appropriate,” student Leighann Simone said as she ordered a grande white chocolate mocha.

Drew Reid, an employee of the Cabell Library Starbucks, said he would not be in favor of adding alcohol to the menu at his location.

“It will be horrible. People come here to study not party,” Reid said. “Not at this location just because it’s a library.”

VCU student Bethany Floyd said she would understand if Starbucks would serve wine and beer off campus but is oppose to serving it on campus

“On an undergrad campus it would not work, Floyd said. “From a moral standpoint it really doesn’t matter.”

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